costsYou need an answer to your knee pain so don’t be like many people who miss out on the astounding healing properties of Stem Cell Treatment because of concerns about cost. There are people all across the country who were just like you; in constant pain, avoiding surgery offers from your doctor and trying to avoid dependency on narcotics and NASIDs, but they elected to have Stem Cell Therapy and become another success story. In our changing climate money is definitely a factor when considering any large expenses including medical treatment necessary to improve your quality of life so, your concerns about the cost of this treatment are understandable. Consider why you’re seeking other options to relieve your knee trouble and ask yourself how much you will pay in risks and complications if you choose a treatment more invasive than Stem Cell Therapy.

Adding up the cost of knee pain. Your knee pain is already robbing you of your quality of life enough to send you searching for solutions. So, you’ve probably already begun missing work and canceling engagements with family and friends because your debilitating pain is holding you back. When you add up all of the moments you’ve missed on the sidelines massaging your knees with the monetary sacrifices of an inability to work, not exploring Stem Cell Therapy Treatment is already costing you an invaluable fortune. Depending on your insurance coverage your medication for knee pain and inflammatory meds can run you up to 1,500 to 2000 a year, and in addition to prescriptions, medical costs including specialist visits can leave you at the 50-75k mark in a 12-month period. You could prevent these costs and opt for a procedure that is more organic to your healing process than anything your doctor has to offer. You need treatment that will eliminate your pain quickly and effectively without the agony of a lengthy recovery period.

Stem Cell Therapy is the cutting-edge option you’ve been waiting for to relieve your pain and get you back to living your life without your mobility being restricted. Stem Cell Therapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure which requires little to no downtime and eliminates the need for time off of work. This innovative treatment produces the results people suffering from knee pain need. Most patients report an immediate change in pain intensity after their first treatment and return of all range and function within six months. Stem cells heal your joints and repair tissue and cartilage naturally working to boost your body’s natural healing protocols for optimum cell regeneration. Your doctor can only offer you pain medications and the option for partial or total knee replacement surgery. Stem Cell Therapy offers an alternative to trying to numb the pain or exposing yourself to severe risks; it offers a chance to heal and get your life back on track immediately without pain. How much would you pay to be pain-free? Stem Cell Therapy on average costs about $5,000 per treated knee. The price can vary because every case is unique but, it is certainly a fraction of how much you will pay if you continue to live with your knee pain.

Joint replacement surgery costs an estimated $50,000 for the procedure, not including follow-up care. You deserve a life without pain, and you owe it to your bank account to consider this leading-edge treatment before you suffer with knee pain for another day. Click here and schedule a FREE Stem Cell Therapy consultation with our doctors in Longmont, CO. The first step won’t cost a cent, and the piece of mind you’ll gain is priceless.