Stem Cell Therapy for Dallas, TX Patients

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary regenerative treatment that uses your own stem cells from your fat cells (adipose cells) to help repair the damaged or degenerative cells in your joints and encourages healing. This procedure uses state-of-the-art techniques that are very ethical and safe. Stem cells harvested from fat cells for treatment contain a high amount of stem cells, and doctors are able to harvest larger volumes for therapeutic treatment purposes when compared to other harvesting sites.

Stem cells from your fat are called adult stem cells and they help facilitate the regeneration of tissue naturally in the joint. These stem cells are considered to be “raw potential” meaning they can differentiate into the tissue cells needed in a specific area. Research has shown that stem cells have the potential to repair damaged cartilage, bone, tendons, muscle, skin, and connective cell tissue.


Is Stem Cell Treatment Safe?


The stem cells being used are from your own body. This eliminate the potential for your immune system to reject the cells and also eliminates the potential for disease transmission. These are your own cells, concentrated and injected to perform the duties they were naturally created to execute. Adipose Stem Cell Therapy is minimally invasive leaving a narrow margin for complications and adverse reactions. Patients benefit from this procedure because it is administered by trained professionals, in a controlled environment in a same-day process.


Is the Procedure Painful?


Extracting adipose cells is a virtually painless process, compared to other methods. That is why it is often a preferred harvesting method over other options. Using a local anesthetic, our medical team will take a small sample of fat tissue from your buttock. This process is usually painless, but some patients experience a slight, minimal discomfort. Once your fat cells have been collected and processed using a powerful centrifuge, they are injected under ultrasound guidance.

This minimally invasive procedure can be completed in 1-2 hours. The good news is there is no hospitalization and it is an outpatient procedure. Patients are totally awake during the treatment and most patients return to normal activities the same day or within 24-48 hours.


How does Stem Cell Therapy work?


When adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) are injected into an affected joint/s they start to work to repair and replace the damaged tissue. These cells incorporate themselves into the damaged area and over time begin to improve the stability of the tissue and reduce any pain being caused by the damage. Stem cells have been integral in advancing treatments for degenerations in the bones and joints, damaged cartilage in joints, labral and labrum tears, meniscus tears, osteoarthritis, tendinosis and a wide range of other ailments involving the joints. Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy uses the natural renewing functions of stem cells in our bodies as a concentrated treatment that can be focused in a targeted area to achieve optimal healing results.


When will I get Results?


On average, many patients start noticing improvement as soon as four to six weeks from the treatment. There is no need for time off of work for a lengthy recovery period like with invasive surgery, and many patients return to work on the same day of their procedure. As with any medical treatment, not everyone is a candidate for adipose-stem cell therapy, each patients’ response will vary so discussing options for your specific needs is key. On your consultation day all of your questions will be answered and our medical provider will let you know if you qualify for treatment.


Why Choose Atlas Medical Center?


Our purpose at Atlas Medical Center is to get you out of pain, improve mobility, and avoid having unnecessary surgeries. Our unique JointRenew Program™ is exclusive to the Atlas Medical Center. This advanced regenerative medical procedure uses a combination of two or more of the following: Stem Cell Therapy, Amniotic Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, and Advanced Non-invasive laser therapy to optimize healing. Our clinical experience has shown that this combination accelerates healing; by allowing the greatest number of regenerative cells along with non-invasive technology to work together to help regenerate the damaged area.

In addition, all of our medical providers are Board Certified, trained, and highly skilled in stem cell and regenerative cell procedures; and all injections are performed with ultrasound or fluoroscopy (real time x-ray). (This eliminates all guesswork so that the regenerative cells are injected precisely where they need to be.) This ensures that you’re always receiving the best possible treatment, and gives you the greatest chance for success!

Amniotic Cell Therapy is an alternative regenerative treatment for those who are not candidates for Stem Cell Therapy. Unlike stem cell treatments, amniotic cell therapy is not age or health dependent and offers those with arthritic joint conditions and soft tissue problems another treatment option.

For Dallas, TX patients, we’re located a short drive away in Irving and are looking forward to consulting with you.

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