Atlas Medical Center Patient Testimonials

Case Studies: The following BEFORE and AFTER Knee x-rays are of ACTUAL PATIENTS of the Atlas Medical Center. Every millimeter of cartilage regeneration makes a difference. All three patients are pain-free and no longer feel they need total knee replacements.*

Patient Testimonials from Pain Management Patients - Atlas Medical Center
Pain Management Patient Testimonials - Atlas Medical Center
Atlas Medical Center Patient Testimonials - Pain Management Patients

Hear for yourself what our patients have to say about Atlas Medical Center.

lawrence-testimonial“When I came here I had a lot of pain in my left shoulder and it was bad enough to keep me awake at night and made my life miserable. I had a lot of pins/needles in my hand also. Since the injection I have lost most of the pins/needles in my hand and am able to sleep the entire night without pain waking me up!”

~ Lawrence J.



    “I had severe right hip pain for over 10 years. Getting up from a seated position and sitting in certain chairs always gave me hip pain. After having my Regenerative Cell injection after one week I felt 50% better. It’s been 3 months and I’m now about 80% better. I’m very happy with the results so far.”
    ~ Greg H.




    “There was an immediate improvement in pain level of my right knee when walking. I am able to walk better down stairs and my range of motion has improved.”
    ~ Peter S.




    Alma-150x150“I had regenerative cell therapy on my right knee about a month ago. It was my last step before a replacement. My knee is much-much better!”


    ~ Alma F.




    “There is a definite difference! When walking the pain is not as sharp and I am able to walk a lot more and am able to stand for a prolonged period of time. I haven’t done that in a long while.”


    ~ Sharon W.




    “My knees are feeling much better! I can stand up and sit down much better also.”


    ~ Miki S.




    jackie-testimonial“Since I’ve had the amniotic injection (in my hip) the pain has been gradually tapering down. Before the injections, my hip slowed me down a lot. I could not sweep or vacuum comfortably. Now, I am able to do those things and each day the pain in my hip is lessening.”


    ~ Jackie L.




    “After having the stem cell injections in my knee 3 weeks ago I just returned from a three week cruise walking about a mile a day. My right knee is better, about 75-80%.”


    ~ John F.






    One week after regenerative cell linjections


    “In September I had Regenerative Cell Therapy injected in both knees. All in all they are doing great. I would recommend it to anyone having problems with their knees. I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Sitting at a table, standing to sitting all hurt. I can now walk and sleep at night. I am pleased and 100% better on my right knee and 90% better on my left.”


    Bonnie H., Three months post injections…





    3 months post injections


    “My knees are doing great! No pain and walking good. Stem Cells are the way to go! No longer needs knee replacements.”


    ~ Bonnie H.




    “I was ‘bone on bone’ in both knees. I was a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale. It’s been a year since my amniotic cell injections/PRP and I am now a 1-2 on a pain scale. I still can’t believe that after one injection that I’m doing so much better. I would recommend this procedure if you have knee pain and want to avoid surgery.”


    ~ James G.






    “On the first visit I had pain in both feet and felt like I had a 2×4 in each foot. By the time I got home the numbness and pain had subsided. I went to bed and slept great for the first time in a long time! With each passing day I have been getting better. I would say I am 90% better so far.”


    ~ Frank T.




    “Thanks to Atlas I feel 10 years younger!!”
    ~ Gene A.




    Ellen B.


    “During the first 24-48 hours following the Cell injection my knees felt heavy and I was unsure as to how my knees would support my weight when walking. They were slightly aching and at times experienced quick sharp pains. I did not experience unbearable or prolonged pain and did not ever need to take Tylenol. I had to work the next day which requires a lot of walking over a 10 hour day. My knees were very tired, but again no pain except for occasional sharp localized pain that lasted a split second… After 48 hours my knees no longer felt heavy. It is one week now post injection and my knees do feel better!”


    ~ Ellen B.






    “Now it has been two weeks and at this point I do not have the severe pain I had before the procedure. Each day seems to get better. For the most part what I am happy about is there is not the pain I had before. I am looking forward to the days ahead. Thanks to the Dr’s and staff any anxiety was taken away before the procedure, which made going through the process very easy.”


    ~ Lauretta S.




    “Since amniotic allograft injections I have been doing pretty well. Pain has been better and I have been getting around easier. I rejoined the senior center and I’m going to start walking on their indoor track.”


    ~ Carol B.






    “Prior to receiving the amniotic allograft injections I was experiencing more frequent discomfort in the back of my knee due to the Bakers cyst. I really had to watch that I didn’t stand in one place for too long or do too much walking. Since having the injection I still notice some tightness in the back of my knee, but it hasn’t been as bad as it was prior to having the injections.”


    ~ Joan L.




    ” Since having a regenerative cell injection in my left knee hurts less and my right knee is not as sore as before. I have no pain at night like I used to and have less stiffness in my knees. I am able to walk much longer distance ie can walk a football field length without pain and limping.”


    ~ Barbara J.




    “Tenderness in my knee has much improved, and I am not needing (to take) as many medications.”


    ~ Carol S.




    “After receiving the injection I felt really good with not much pain.”


    ~ Doris P.




    “Very pleased as I was very skeptical at first. I’m glad I had it done! On a 1-10 scale I used to be a 7 or more, now I am a 0 pain level.”


    ~ Joyce B.




    “Extreme pain to the point of a 10 pain level and told that I needed surgery. I couldn’t be happier with my results and I am 90% better. From day 1 they were the most professional doctors’ offices I have been to. The whole staff is great, and they value your time, unlike other offices. I am going to miss all the staff and doctors.”


    ~ Brian A




    “I had just about lost all hope that anything could be done to help alleviate the horrible pain that I was experiencing. It has been wonderful to go about my daily routine without having to sit down every few minutes. My family has noticed a remarkable change in my behavior and range of motion since coming to the clinic. I am so thankful to everyone that was involved in helping me get back to a normal life. I will highly recommend this therapy to everyone I have to opportunity to talk to that has similar problems that I have had in the past. Thank you for your excellent care and the time you took to calm my fears and answer all of my questions. I will be forever grateful.”


    ~ Diane H.




    “I noticed that after the 3rd day, I was able to walk without pain. I didn’t have to take pain meds and previously had to take them twice a day. I can walk further now and walk around the house with no discomfort.”


    ~ Carol S.




    “My knees are getting better and better each day and there is no more popping.”


    ~ Carol B.




    “I couldn’t walk any distance without pain and steps were impossible. Now I can go up and down stairs and can stand for longer periods of time. I am so pleased with how far I have come!”


    ~ Jan E.




    “After receiving the injections in my knees a week ago, the pain has been reduced by about 40% in my left knee and about 40-50% improvement in my right knee. Prior to the injection, just stepping down from a curb was very painful but now stepping down from the curb on my right knee; there is very little to no pain at times.”


    ~Robert R.




    “I am doing better since my amniotic cell injection. I had no side effects from the injections either.”


    ~Paul B.




    “After the injection my pain is not as bad, I am able to sleep better. Overall it is better. I don’t take pain pills anymore.”


    ~Robert M.




    “I had the injections in my right and left knees, and now they are much better and have less pain. The right knee I felt relief immediately, the left was about a week later. I can now sleep at night without having knee pain!! I am able to walk much longer, about a football length without pain or limping. I was even able to take my grandson to a baseball game, walk in from the parking lot and walk to our seats. I don’t limp, which is a very good thing, and I can play with my grandchildren. Stem cells are one of the best things you can do.”


    ~Barbara J.




    “I felt like I had ice picks in my knee and I was very weak. I tried everything and nothing worked until I came to Atlas. I was skeptical at first, but I was desperate to try anything. I am amazed at how fast it worked. I would say my improvement is in the 80-90% range so far.”


    ~ Timothy G.




    “Your staff is incredible and I felt a personal link with each one. I used to scream in pain before coming to the Atlas Medical Center.”


    ~ Sandra R.




    “My experience was awesome. The staff was professional and genuinely concerned about my progress. I defiantly saw positive results my knees.”


    ~ Kenneth B.




    “I couldn’t climb any stairs, stand for long periods of time, or do house work without pain. Now I can sleep at night and get a wonderful nights rest. I am able to move without pain and my improvement is getting better and better.”


    ~ Glenda D.




    “There was extreme pain whenever weight was on my right knee and participating in activities with my friends was impossible. I was able to go to a football game and walk, with no cane and no pain, from the parking lot into the stands and enjoy the entire game.”


    ~ Joan M.




    “I am very pleased and amazed with the amount of improvement. My improvement is over 85% better.”


    ~ Anne K.


    Platelet Rich Plasma


    “My left knee was to the point that I was dragging my leg to walk. Even after the last PRP and laser treatment there was a definite sign of improvement. I have almost no pain when I’m walking. Overall I’m 100% better but I will stick with 75% . I would very much recommend them.”

    ~ Teresa R.



      “I had no feeling in some parts of my feet and pain in others. Cold caused pain and when I was standing it felt like I was standing on a cobble stone. I now have feeling back in both feet and my feet aren’t keeping me awake at night, I am also only using a cane to walk with. I used to have to use a walker or even a wheelchair when walking long distances and now it is just a cane. I am very pleased with the results and have already recommended this program to others. Being able to stand for longer periods of time without a walker has made life so much easier!”


      ~ Bethelyne W.




      “Pain in both feet, numbness, heaviness, tingling, and sensitivity bothered me constantly. Painful to walk for any distance and my feet were cold to the touch. Work was becoming more difficult due to the increasing pain and stiffness. I now have a decrease in pain overall and the numbness, heaviness, and tingling have subsided, and as an added benefit I have seen some weight loss and a decrease in my medications. My overall experience has been awesome! The entire staff has been very professional, yet personable. The team approach and expertise has been well thought out and very effective. Improvement is at the very least 60% better! I would absolutely recommend Atlas Medical Center. My interest in this program was that no additional medications would be added to my current regimen, and I was able to reduce the need of diabetic prescriptions.”


      ~ Jose H.






      “I was diagnosed with neuropathy. I had numbness, tingling in both feet and I experienced a loss of balance (felt like the bottom of my feet were rounded). Since completing Neuropathy treatments (which consisted of Platelet Rich Plasma Injections along with dietary changes and other treatments) I have decreased leg cramps at night, I’m able to walk better and be on my feet longer.
      I am very pleased with this program and I am 60-70% improved.


      I absolutely would recommend this program. Everyone we encountered has been kind and friendly. Their concern was obvious.”


      ~ David J.




      “I had stinging pain in both feet, especially the toes. The stinging has been reduced significantly. The overall improvement has been about 70%. With the PRP and the dietary changes this will also help eliminate future complications and worsening of my Neuropathy.”


      ~ Philip F.




      “I had numbness in my feet, tingling and pain. I am able to sleep better – about 60% better since receiving treatments.”


      ~ Bobby S.




      patient-testimonial-richard“My lower back and my feet were constantly burning. I had low back surgery years ago that failed and I had been taking Hydrocodone to ease the pain.
      The PRP treatments relieved the pain in my lower back by 95%. I am walking better and I can stand without pain. I’m very pleased with my progress. I would definitely recommend Atlas Medical Center -ANYTIME.

      ~ Richard A.




      ” Very pleased as I was very skeptical at first. I’m glad I had it done! On a 1-10 scale I used to be a 7 or more, now I am a 0 pain level.”


      ~ Joyce B.




      “It was constant discomfort to stand and I had difficulty getting out of chairs, or walking up steps. I was told that I needed a replacement and medications. I am very pleased with the improvement in my mobility since the treatments. I am not in pain and I can be on my feet for extended periods of time.”


      ~ Cindy C.




      “On a 1-10 scale my pain was an 8-9. I had a knee replacement on my right knee and I was told that it would help my knee, which it didn’t. I have very little pain now and am very pleased with my overall percentage of improvement, at least a 98%.”


      ~ Fermin T.




      ” I had extreme pain and couldn’t stand or walk for long. Stairs are so much easier, and I can now walk for 6-8 hours with little to no pain, and I work on my feet.”


      ~ Donna L.




      ” Constant difficulty to bend my right knee and even my left knee hurt at times. I couldn’t walk, bend, or sit for long without pain. I was told I needed surgery and now I don’t have to have it. I am pleased with my progress so far.”


      ~ Martha S.




      ” There has been relatively little pain. I can step up on a curb with my leg with no pain. Walking has been good, with no pain!”


      ~ John A.




      “My pain had decreased my mobility and quality of life. I couldn’t step up on a curb or down without difficulty. I was told that I needed surgery. I am very pleased and my mobility has improved. I’d say my improvement has been at least 90%.”


      ~ Deborah L.




      “My pain was about a 10 and I couldn’t walk without pain. I am very pleased and I feel 90% improved.”


      ~ Ervin T.




      ” I had swollen knees and they were painful to the touch. The swelling is gone now and I am pain free. Thank you Atlas!”


      ~ Patsy R.




      “My knee pain was starting to affect my quality of life.  Thanks to the treatments I am able to stand for long periods of time, walk and dance again.”


      ~ Joan B.



      “My feet were numb, tips of my fingers were getting numb, and my balance was very poor. Now I have some feeling in my feet and my balance is better. I am very pleased, and I have already recommended this program to others!”

      ~ James O.



        “After the program I have better balance and more strength in my feet. I’m pleased with my results and would recommend this to anyone.”


        ~ David L.




        “I felt like my feet were on a block of rock and sand. Hindering my balance and I had to walk with my feet apart walking like a duck! After coming in for therapy, I can walk much better as well as stand for longer periods of time. I am very pleased with my results as well as all the personnel here. I would definitely recommend this program!”


        ~ Ann C.




        “I had numbness and sharp pain when I stepped on something. Now, my feeling is better and the numbness is also better. During the tests it also showed great improvement. I am very pleased with my experience and the staff is excellent!”


        ~ Valton F.




        “I had numbness in my feet, tingling and pain. I am able to sleep better – about 60% better since receiving treatments.”


        ~ Bobby S.




        “I had stinging pain in both feet, especially the toes. The stinging has been reduced significantly. The overall improvement has been about 70%. With the PRP and the dietary changes this will also help eliminate future complications and worsening of my Neuropathy.”


        ~ Philip F.




        patient-testimonial-david“I was diagnosed with neuropathy. I had numbness, tingling in both feet and I experienced a loss of balance (felt like the bottom of my feet were rounded). Since completing Neuropathy treatments (which consisted of Platelet Rich Plasma Injections along with dietary changes and other treatments) I have decreased leg cramps at night, I’m able to walk better and be on my feet longer. I am very pleased with this program and I am 60-70% improved.


        I absolutely would recommend this program. Everyone we encountered has been kind and friendly. Their concern was obvious.”


        ~ David J.




        “Before starting treatments at the Atlas Medical Center I had pain in my feet and knees. I can now walk, my balance has improved, and I can climb stairs easier. I am about 65-75% improved. I would definitely recommend this program to others.”


        – James C.




        lv“I had numbness in my lower legs and feet and it was tiresome to walk. I had occasional twinges in the nerves in my legs. I have Type II Diabetes and my toes were amputated. My blood glucose was out of control and so were my A1C levels.


        Since completing treatments I can walk better and my legs and feet are not as numb. My blood sugar stays below 150 (before starting care I could never get it down below 200). I am pleased with my improvement. The PRP, therapy, and dietary changes have really made a difference.”


        – L. V




        ar“Prior to treatments I had constant burning in feet and stabbing pain. I am now sleeping better at night since I no longer have constant discomfort.”


        – A.R




        mp“I had trouble walking, standing, even getting up from a seated position because my legs/feet were numb. I now can definitely walk and stand longer because I now can FEEL MY LEGS AND FEET. I have lost 20 pounds since following the dietary recommendations. I have recommended these treatments to others who have neuropathy.”


        – M.P




        “I had poor balance prior to your program. My feet constantly hurt and I was unable to walk without a walker. I am able to walk now, stand, sleep better, and my balance is much improved. I now have feeling in my feet. I am very pleased with the progress to date. I am 85% better. Atlas Medical Center’ has one of the best kept secrets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We need more Medical Centers like Atlas I am most grateful.”


        – Wesley H.




        “My feet burned and the side of my legs were numb. I now have less burning, and the side of my legs feel more normal. I am 75% better. I also stuck to the nutritional program that your team gave me and I lost 15 pounds. I have diabetes so that weight loss makes a huge difference.”


        – Larry E.




        “I had severe numbness from the knees down to my feet and my balance was bad. I can now walk better, and there are times that I no longer need to use my cane. My numbness about one week into starting treatments was much less in the morning and night. Now I no longer have numbness in my legs. I am pleased with the treatments especially with my balance. I would say that I am at least 50% better and I expect it will continue to improve. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others.”


        – Roger P.




        “Before starting care my neuropathy was very painful. I am 75% better now. I can stand better, and I am walking better.”


        – Steven R.




        rd“I was in pain daily. I could not sleep well at night. I felt like needles were sticking me all the time. There were aches in my toes and under my feet. At the beginning of the program my pain was reduced from severe to moderate then mild (occasionally) to none. I can now walk much better, climb stairs, and my balance has improved. I now have 95% improvement, and I was told by my neurologist that there was no help [and my wife is a nurse]. Atlas Medical Center has changed everything. I would recommend Atlas Medical Center in a heartbeat. Great, great job! Thanks everyone! Love y’all.”


        – R.D.




        “I am very pleased with the treatment. I now have feeling in my legs, I have improved balance and I can now walk. Atlas Medical Center, thanks for helping me!”


        – Clifford E.




        “Before starting care at the Atlas Medical Center I had pain in my feet all of the time. I now can walk without pain 75% of the time. I’m in heaven…The staff is wonderful, and couldn’t have treated me any better.”


        – Linda S.




        “I had pain, swelling in both ankles and I walked very poorly. I am now at least 50% better than I was prior to starting care. I am very pleased with the results. I am standing better, walking better, and I can now climb stairs easier.”


        – Doris P.




        rams“My neuropathy was severe. It was very hard to walk, and sleep. It was a very severe pain condition. Now I am 90% pain-free and much better than before. I no longer have the burning pain in my feet, and I can walk and sleep without any problems; even 30 days after completing treatments. Thanks to all the staff!”


        – Ram S.




        “I had constant burning in my feet and legs and I was beginning to feel it more when I was walking. After completing treatments the feeling is all together gone. I am very pleased with the treatments I’ve had.”


        – Billie C.




        “I was numb to the touch. I had burning, pins/needles, swollen feet and ankles. I had no sensation at all from the calves down to the feet. My feet only felt secure when compressed, even if only by socks. Now after completing treatments the sensation of numbness is not as severe. I can tolerate bare feet longer. My balance is better. I can actually tell and know when my feet touch the deck when walking. I would venture to say that I am 75% better.”


        – Bennie K.




        “I started this program with pain in my low back and legs. I am now 100% better and I feel completely normal now.”


        – Cristobal G.




        “My feet were very tender and numb. I also had lower back pain. I am now much improved. I can stand and walk longer without tenderness in my feet. I no longer have back pain. I am pleased with the results. I am 50-75% improved. I would recommend the NeuroProRelief Program™.”


        – Charles M.




        rogelio“I am 100% satisfied. They have helped me a lot and now I can sleep without having pain, numbness and burning in my legs/feet. I have already recommended Atlas Medical Center to other people with Neuropathy.”


        – Rogelio C.




        “I was stiff and losing strength in my arms and hands and many activities were uncomfortable. I even had trouble sleeping. After my treatments I feel great! Fully functional with everything I have tried. I am very pleased and it has been life changing from where I started. Improvement rate at 95%.”


         – Steve B. 




        “It was burning and I was beginning to feel it when I was walking. After a few treatments it quit. I am very pleased with the treatments I have had.”


        – Belle C.




        ” I can walk normally without assistance. I can sleep without pain and can wear my dress shoes. I am very satisfied with the results. Overall percentage of improvement is about 99%.”


        – Gloria W.




        ” I can now walk without pain! My other doctors just gave me pain medication and said I had to live with it. I am defiantly better than I was and I no longer need to take any medication for pain.”


        – Brenda S.




        “I couldn’t be happier with my results. The staff was so professional and courteous and I am going to miss them. I would say that I am 98% better.”


        – John H.




        “I had to take Advil’s daily and my dosage was going up all the time. After treatments here I don’t take any pain medication.”


        – Bobbie M.




        “I can dance again! I would absolutely recommend this program to others!”


        – Gypsy I.




        Spinal Decompression

        “I had constant pain and weakness in my back and right thigh. I could not step up with my right leg. I was hard to get out of a chair- it was even worse if I sat for too long. I tried Physical therapy, yoga and daily exercise without much help. I can now walk without any pain and I can step up with my right leg. I am about 90% better and I am very pleased.”

        ~ Robert C.



          “My lower back and my feet were constantly burning. I had low back surgery years ago that failed and I had been taking Hydrocodone to ease the pain. The PRP and Spinal Decompression treatments relieved the pain in my lower back by 95%. I am walking better and I can stand without pain. I’m very pleased with my progress. I would definitely recommend Atlas Medical Center -ANYTIME.


          ~ Richard A.




          “Before coming to Atlas Medical Center I had a strong pain in my low back and hips. Walking was an issue and I had pain when I rolled onto my side. I now am walking much better and can roll any which way. I am very pleased with my overall experience and am at least 80% improved and the staff is amazing!”


          ~ Sara M.




          “I came here on advice of my husband Francisco. He went to the Atlas Medical Center for therapy on his knee. It helped him and he said to give them a chance to look at my back. I think it really helped me and I thank you for all you have done for me! I hope I will continue to feel better.”


          ~ Felicitas M.




          richard-s“I Thought My Pain Relief Wouldn’t Last…18 Months Later I Still Have No Neck Pain.”
          “The pain was in my neck radiating down my arm, upper back and shoulder blade. The pain became progressively worse over 2 ½ years and can only be described as excruciating.
          I tried various medications with no success. I was sent to a neurosurgeon who determined I was not a candidate for surgery and pain management was next. I couldn’t drive or even ride in a car comfortably.
          Cold Laser therapy and Decompression therapy gave me complete relief. About two-thirds of the way through the planned sessions, I woke one morning and the pain was gone. It has been 1 ½ years now without pain reoccurring. I have been able to go back to weight lifting and complete normal activities.”


           – Richard S. / Retired
          Diagnosed: bulging disc, pinched nerve, bone spurs
          Cedar Hill, Texas




          b-english“Willie Nelson’s Drummer is Pain-Free After Completing Dr. Hanson’s Low Back Program”
          “I experienced unbearable pain in my lower back, and shooting pain from my back side, and down my right leg. It prevented me from many activities I normally enjoy while spending time with my grandsons.
          I tried muscle relaxers, pain pills, and massage therapy. All of them were temporary relief at best.
          I AM NOW PAIN FREE, and I can physically do anything I need to do. I am a drummer (with poor posture) and I’m still able to play 4 hours of music, WITH NO PAIN!
          Dr. Hanson’s and his entire staff were friendly, courteous, and professional. I’ll miss them.”


          – B. English
          Diagnosed: Sciatica, degeneration, pinched nerve
          Percussionist/Drummer for Willie Nelson




          janis-cornwell-patient-testimonial“As a Medical Doctor, I Was Somewhat Skeptical….Now I Have My Life Back”
          “I knew nothing about decompression until I read about it in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. I must admit, as a medical doctor, I was somewhat skeptical about decompression treatment, but I was in such pain I was desperate for something to work. When I read that it was an FDA approved procedure with an over 80% success rate, I knew I had to try it, because I couldn’t keep going on the way I had.
          I had suffered for 3 months with the most excruciating pain that was unrelieved by physical therapy, steroids, or pain medication.
          Now that I have finished the treatments…The benefit I value the most is “I have my life back!” I can work the long hours required of an obstetrician/gynecologist and deliver the 20-30 patients/month, perform surgery, and do clinic and take night call. I have not taken any pain medicine in over 6 wks. I will definitely be sending patients his way.”


          – Dr. Janis Cornwell, M.D.
          Arlington TX




          cindy-k-patient-testimonial“I Am Back to Enjoying Time with Friends, Family, and Pets and I No Longer Have Constant Neck Pain”
          “I experienced constant burning and shooting pain throughout my neck and shoulder area. I had tingling and numbness down my left arm and hand making work difficult as I am left handed. Just walking my dogs was a painful chore. I did physical therapy twice a week for sixteen weeks. I was prescribed several rounds of steroids, muscle relaxers and pain pills. After completing Dr. Hanson’s cold laser & decompression therapy…”my condition improved tremendously. I am no longer in constant pain, and actually have mobility back in my neck and shoulders. The burning and shooting pain in my neck has completely disappeared. I am back to enjoying time with friends, family, and pets.”


          – Cindy K. / Paralegal Manager
          Diagnosed: degenerative disk disease, pinched nerves
          Dallas Texas




          gerda-c-patient-testimonial“Now I Am a True Believer, That There Is an Alternative to Low Back Surgery, and Damaging Cortisone Shots”
          “I was a little skeptical at first, now I am a true believer, that there is an alternative to surgery, or damaging cortisone shots as well as drugs that have serious side-effects.
          My MRI showed degenerative disc disease and bulging disc…. it was very painful to walk, every step was an effort – I was scared to go to work – Hip & leg pain were excruciating, I was depressed!
          After completing my treatments my quality of life has improved 100%. I can walk without pain, work without pain and go shopping without pain. Thank you –Thank you –Thank you!!
          I enjoyed my visits –I truly like Dr. Hanson – and I will tell anyone and everyone about my success!”


          – Gerda C. / Flight Attendant
          Diagnosed: protruding disc and bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, mild stenosis
          Colleyville TX




          norma-m-patient-testimonial“It’s Wonderful Not to Have Neck Pain Anymore”
          “I was unable to turn my head left or right. I had much pain in my neck. My pain was constant and nothing but harsh narcotics would relieve it. I have tried all types of medications, physical therapy, several visits to the doctors of orthopedics, pain management clinics and neurologists which followed up with several injections into my neck with either no or minimal relief.
          Now that I [have] completed Dr. Hanson’s Program my neck pain is gone and I now have more movement in my neck. I can even turn my head to the left and right while driving. It’s wonderful! I used to feel like a menace on the road, not [but not] anymore.”


          – Norma M. / Retired
          Diagnosed: pinched nerves, disk degeneration, radiating tingling and numbness
          Carrollton Texas




          y-beaudron-patient-testimonialIrving, Medical Doctor Comments, “I Wonder How I Did Not Discover Dr. Robert Hanson Earlier. His Low Back Program is AMAZING.”
          “For the last 5 years, I have been experiencing severe back pain extending to my leg. My pain was so incapacitating that I had to retire because my job required standing long hours in the operating room. I am a gynecologist.
          I’ve seen 3 orthopedists with no results. At the end they say that only surgery could help. But there was no guarantee. I had to take pain killers with temporary relief.
          AT LAST, I found Dr. Hanson’s Decompression Correction Program. Now I can swing at the golf ball. I can run. It is AMAZING. I wonder how I did not discover it earlier. I will not hesitate to recommend my friends to him.”


          – Dr. Y. Beaudron/Gynecologist
          Diagnosis: Degenerative Disc Disease
          Irving Texas




          Patient Testimonial“It Has Been 4 Years Since Completing Dr. Hanson’s Neck Program, And I Feel GREAT! No Pain !”
          “I was suffering with multiple herniated discs in my neck which caused pain and tingling and numbness in my right arm and hand. Doing normal things like, getting up in the morning, even sitting in front of a computer was a nightmare. After months of physical therapy, pain pills, and 3 steroid shots I was still in agony because the pain would not stop. Finally I was told I needed surgery, which was THE last thing I wanted to do.


          I was looking for alternatives to surgery when I saw Dr. Hanson on TV talking about his Cold Laser / Spinal Decompression Therapy. Anything non surgical with no side effects was good enough for me to call his office.


          With just a few weeks of treatments I was feeling relief, and 2 months later 90% of my neck pain was gone. Now it has been 4 years since completing Dr. Hanson’s Program, and I feel GREAT! No pain! I have my life back, and I feel I can accomplish anything. I would highly recommend Dr. Hanson’s office. They really take care of you and make sure you’re getting the results you need.”


          ~ Tony K. / Computer Programmer
          Diagnosed: spinal stenosis, herniated disc, pinched nerve
          Plano TX




          Patient Testimonial


          “I’m Just Glad to Have My Normal Life Back, and My Low Back Feels Fantastic.”


          “I definitely could not stand for long periods at all. Even leaning into the sink to brush my teeth was a chore without having to bend my knees and hold myself up with one hand.


          After Cold Laser Therapy and decompression I feel fantastic! For the first time in my life I have days of no pain, instead of pain for days. I can now stand for long periods of time and I’m just glad to have my “normal” life back.


          The staff here is wonderful and the positive energy and attitude is infectious. I definitely recommend Dr. Hanson’s Cold Laser – Spinal Decompression Program.”


          ~ S. Sutton / Inside Sales / Entrepreneur
          Diagnosed: disc protrusion, pinched nerve
          Arlington Texas




          Patient Testimonial


          “My Quality Of Life Is Better Due To This Treatment”


          “Before starting Cold Laser – Spinal Decompression Therapy, the pain was almost constant. My neck area was stiff and painful. It was hard to turn my head from side to side. It was also hard to hold my hands above my head for a long time. It was hard to look both ways for traffic while driving. I have tried pain pills and heating pads, but it never gave me any long term relief.”


          Now that I have had Dr. Hanson’s treatments I can move my head and neck more freely with less constant pain. I definitely have increased range of motion with less constant pain…I didn’t expect to be perfect, since I have had this problem for a while, but now my quality of life is better due to this treatment.”


          ~ Sara W.
          Diagnosed: degenerative disc disease, loss of curvature
          Irving TX




          Patient Testimonial


          “Nurse Drives 5 Hours to Complete Dr. Hanson’s Low Back Program”


          “Before starting therapy I had burning and pain in my lower back. I’ve been plagued with these problems for about 15 years, and they have been constant.


          I have tried everything from prescribed medication, to chiropractors, to medical doctors, and nothing worked. I couldn’t walk long distance or stand for long period of time. I always needed a grocery cart or wheeled basket when I went shopping. I needed some sort of support when I walked.


          After my 20th treatment, I can stand for longer periods of time, kneel for prayer, and sit with less pain.


          Dr. Hanson and his practice is an answer to my prayers. I’m very grateful for your help. May God bless each one of you.”


          ~ E. Jackson / Nurse
          Spinal Stenosis, degenerative disk disease, Osteoarthritis in the lower back
          San Antonio, Texas




          Patient Testimonial


          “Eight Years of Low Back Pain Gone Thanks To Dr. Hanson’s Cold Laser Therapy”


          “I had been experiencing pain for about 8 years. I was going to the chiropractor sometimes 3 times a week with only temporary relief. The pain was to the point that pain killers, ice, and lots of Advil were the only way to cope. I was even leaning towards [low back] surgery.


          I’m real active in golf, tennis, racquet ball, fishing, hunting, and a plumber by trade. If you have a hard time bending at the waist, and can’t turn, your life is going to change. Full time pain is pretty much a big zero on the scale.


          After 15 visits of Dr. Hanson’s Therapy, the pain was gone. Now I’m not saying this lightly, I’m saying GONE. [I suffered with] Eight years of pain every day, all day long …[and it was] GONE.” I continued the therapy for two more weeks, as advised, 24 visits in all. I tested the back very well, carried heavy stuff, crawled under houses, sat in recliners, (instead of the floor). I did all the things I had done before [with] NO relapses. NONE.


          The staff was courteous, professional and knowledgeable on all aspects of the therapy. Thanks Dr. Hanson & Staff!”


          ~ D. Whitmire / Plumbing Contractor
          Painless in Texas




          Patient Testimonial


          “Hairdresser Gets Rid of Her Low Back Pain Thanks To Dr. Hanson’s Cold Laser – Spinal Decompression Therapy”


          “I always had back pain 90% of the time. I couldn’t turn in bed without pain, and I [felt] a heaviness in my legs. To put it in a nut shell, I had a lot of discomfort. I never heard of cold laser and decompression therapy until my husband showed me the ad in the paper and I thought it described my problems, so I decided to call and have a consultation.


          Now that my treatments are over I feel great, and the special care Dr. Hanson gives is exceptional. My first day was a caring and happy experience. I am a hairdresser and it is important to me to be pain free. I can do my work without pain and this is a wonderful feeling. I am so much improved I just wish I had found out about this a long time ago.”


          ~ Barbara M. / Hairdresser
          Diagnosed: sciatica, pinched nerve, disk degeneration
          Dallas Texas




          Patient Testimonial


          “Local Teacher Avoids Neck Surgery”


          “I had pain in my neck and life was awful. I had a hard time turning my neck.


          After doing Dr. Hanson’s Program I have movement in my neck and the pain is gone. Now I can sleep without having pain. I would highly recommend this to anyone, just avoiding surgery is the best thing.”


          ~ Randy G. / Teacher / Musician
          Diagnosed: disc bulge, protruding disc, stenosis
          Fort Worth, TX




          Patient Testimonial


          “I Had Neck And Shoulder Pain For Years, Now I Am Pain Free And Enjoying It”


          “Before beginning cold laser and decompression therapy I was in pain daily. The pain I was experiencing was in my neck, shoulders, and head and had been present for years. When I slept on either side @ nighttime, my arms were going numb.


          Prior to decompression, the constant pain affected my life greatly as I enjoyed working out and being active. I had approximately 8-10 shots in my neck and upper back area, and frequently took pain pills and muscle relaxers. Additionally, I tried physical therapy, [but nothing worked until I tried Dr. Hanson’s Program.]


          After decompression therapy, I have been pain free and thoroughly enjoying it. The daily headaches and neck pain is gone and I have started going back to the Gym and walking my dog.”


          ~ Adriene T. / Manager
          Diagnosed: spinal stenosis, bulging disc, headaches, numbness in hands
          Grand Prairie, TX




          Patient Testimonial


          “My Low Back Hasn’t Felt This Good in 30 Years”


          “I hurt my back when I was 15 yrs old, while unloading a feed truck. I’ve had problems off & on through out the years for no more then 4-5 days at a time. I had gotten to a point where I was hurting all the time and thought I might have to consider retirement before starting decompression.


          My knowledge of decompression was a newspaper ad. I called, made an appointment with Dr. Hanson and started the therapy the next week. Everyone is very friendly, outgoing and “cares” about how we feel.


          From the treatment stand point, after the 6th & 8th treatment, I’ve felt better than I have in 30 years. The treatments gave me my life back. I can look forward to the things I want to do, not what my back will allow me to do. I have recommended decompression to anyone I hear has a back problem.”


          ~ Doug H. / Police Officer
          Irving, Texas




          Patient Testimonial


          “Dr. Hanson’s Cold Laser – Spinal Decompression Therapy Knocks Out 4 Years of Back Pain”


          “I’ve had lower back pain for four years. I tried pain killers, muscle relaxers, medication, and exercise that only gave me temporary relief. I couldn’t get up in the mornings. I couldn’t lift anything more than 15 lbs.


          After Dr Hanson’s Cold Laser and Spinal Decompression Therapy I have no pain, and no discomfort. [I feel] like a newborn. Thanks to Dr. Hanson and his staff.”


          ~ Bulent E. / Construction Manager
          Diagnosed: degenerative disc disease, bulging disc
          Plano TX




          Patient Testimonial


          “Since Completing Dr. Hanson’s Treatments, The Pain In My Neck And Arm Have Gone Away”


          “I was experiencing searing pain in my left arm whenever I twisted my arm, coupled with numbness in my left hand and loss in range of motion. I could hardly lift my arm without pain. Sleeping was a problem as I could not find a comfortable position.


          My general physician gave me prescription pain killers, which provided minimal relief for a short time. I knew I wanted to try a non-surgical solution, so I tried Dr. Hanson’s Decompression Correction Program.


          Since completing Dr. Hanson’s treatments, the pain in my neck and arm have gone away. My range of motion while still not 100%, has progressively improved by 85% to 90%. I’m happy that I tried Dr. Hanson’s correction program. This program has transformed my daily life from miserable to very comfortable.”


          ~ Michael M. / Retired
          Diagnosed: herniated disk, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis
          Carrollton Texas




          Patient Testimonial


          “An Orthopedic Surgeon Was Telling Me I Needed Low Back Surgery…Now I Can Sleep At Night Without Waking Up With Pain”


          “I experienced pain in my left leg and hip. I also had pain in the small part of the lower back. An orthopedic surgeon was telling me I needed surgery and I did NOT want surgery.


          I felt so much better after just a few treatments. After completing the treatments [I now have] NO [LOW BACK] PAIN and [my low back] even felt good during the treatments.


          I looked forward to each day and will miss it. I can sleep at night without waking with pain. No Motrin is necessary now. No discomfort at night while just sitting on the sofa.


          I believe Dr. Hanson’s program is the best in the market, especially people who are being told that they might need [low back] surgery.”


          ~ Winnie B. / Retired Secretary
          Diagnosed: sciatica, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, pinched nerves
          Colleyville, Texas




          Patient Testimonial


          “The Pain From A Large Herniated Disc in the Low Back Was Relieved With Dr. Hanson’s Treatments”


          “I had a herniated disc in my lower back. I was in severe pain in my lower back and down through my left leg. It was constant and very sharp. Progressively the pain got worse—soon I couldn’t walk or sit in a chair. [I could] not work…only bed rest.


          After 1 treatment, I felt relief, but soon after having roughly 20 treatments I felt much better. NO PAIN PILLS ANYMORE! I can now walk and even sit down in a chair again. I can drive my car again without pain and [I am] able to work and have a life.


          From the moment I met Dr. Hanson and the entire staff, they have been amazing. I thank everyone who was involved and appreciate your courtesy.”


          ~ Kyle K. / X-ray technician
          Diagnosed: herniated disc, pinched nerve, sciatic nerve pain
          Fort Worth, Texas




          Patient Testimonial


          “Medication, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, NOTHING WORKED…Until I Tried…”


          “I tried physical therapy, a chiropractor, heat, aspirin, and Darvacet and NOTHING WORKED. I couldn’t do any house cleaning, laundry or even walk to the mail box. I had severe pain in my left hip (buttock) all the way down to my toes. The only relief came when I sat in a certain position totally still and that was only for a few minutes.


          After Dr. Hanson’s therapy I can do everything now. I am better now that I was before the initial pain ever started because the therapy cured another pain I had just come to accept.


          Dr. Hanson is a blessing for God. He is an answered prayer. I would definitely recommend treatments to anyone.”


          ~ Hazel Q.
          Diagnosed: bulging disc, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve
          Keller TX




          Patient Testimonial


          “It Has Been Over 2 Years Since Doing Dr. Hanson’s Neck Program and I am still Pain Free”


          “I had severe neck, shoulder, arm and back pain. My thumb and forefinger was 75% numb. I would have to get up in the night every 2-3 hours and try to walk the pain off and apply hot and cold packs in order to obtain some relief.


          I never heard of Dr. Hanson’s therapy before and two days before I was to go in for [neck] surgery I saw an ad in the newspaper. So I decided to give it a try because I was trying to avoid surgery and injections.


          The cold laser and decompression therapy saved me from having surgery. I am pain free and it has been over 2 years ago since doing the therapy. I have good movement in my neck, no pain, and can sleep all night. I highly recommend Dr. Hanson’s therapy. It is outstanding! I do recommend it every chance I get to friends and relatives.”


          ~ Don W. / Retired Executive
          Fort Worth Texas




          Patient Testimonial


          “Kaufman Resident Drives 2 Hours Round Trip, For Six Weeks, To See Dr. Hanson and undergo his Low Back Program”


          “I couldn’t walk [for any length of time], the center of my back was almost always hurting. I had numbness in the inner left leg from ankle to thigh. I took pain pills almost all of the time…heat and ice packs too. I was a mess!


          After doing Dr. Hanson’s therapy my back doesn’t hurt, the numbness is 90% gone. I can do my work and I can walk without my cane. It’s great!!


          Dr. Hanson and his staff really are great! I want to thank them all for their help and friendship.”


          ~ Tony G. / Paint / Body-Custom Paint


          Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program

          Patient Testimonial

          “After coming to Atlas Medical Center my ‘bum’ knee is substantially better (about 85%) and I am able to move about during the day (including taking the stairs) virtually pain free for most activities. Prior to the treatment, almost any movement, especially sudden moves, had the potential to cause major discomfort. The only residual issues are occasional stiffness and lock-up after sitting for prolonged periods of time; however, that quickly resolves upon standing. I consider this treatment to be a success and I am delighted to be able to avoid debilitating surgical procedures.”

          ~ Wendy S.



            “Before starting this program, I was to where I could not take the pain in my left knee any longer. I could not walk very long or climb stairs without a lot of pain. Since completing treatments, my knee feels much better and does not hurt like it did before. I am now able to walk better and step down street curbs with much less pain.”


            ~ Paul S.




            “I had arthroscopic surgery five months prior and had developed a blood clot that caused/required inactivity for four weeks. My knee cap became stuck to scar tissue during that time. Although the pain was only intense when I tried to bend it, I had no agility in my left leg. I could not bend my knee, walk without a cane, navigate stairs, or sit in a chair very comfortably. Walking or standing for any length of time was a challenge and something I avoided whenever possible. Simple household chores were difficult to accomplish.


            I had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a tear in my meniscus. During that surgery the orthopedic surgeon repaired my ACL, PCL and removed a Baker’s Cyst. After completing the prescribed physical therapy without success, the operating surgeon recommended manipulation under anesthesia or another round of arthroscopic surgery to remove some of the scar tissue. Another orthopedic surgeon recommended total knee replacement. Since I am only 49 years old and the first surgery wasn’t very pleasant, none of those options were attractive.


            After completing cold laser therapy, I am now able to walk without assistance and in fact, look forward to shopping and running errands again. I am extremely pleased with the overall results of cold laser therapy. Prior to treatments Dr. Schnee, DC mentioned that I may only experience a 40-90% improvement rate. I passed the 40% improvement point after just a few weeks of therapy. And, although I may be a few weeks away from reaching the 90% mark, I do plan to surpass it.
            Adding to the overall experience was the friendly and professional manner the entire staff portrayed. The office is run very efficiently and there is none of the normal waiting around you expect in other medical professional’s offices.


            I would recommend Dr. Schnee, DC to anyone considering any type of knee surgery. I wish I had found her before my own surgery.”


            ~ Beth E., 49 years young, Dallas. Texas
            Post surgical knee pain, scar tissue around knee cap, arthritis knee pain




            Patient Testimonial


            “Initially, when I first arrived at Dr. Schnee’s office I was in excruciating pain in my right knee. I was walking with a cane and barely able to walk, stand, sit or sleep. I have never heard of Cold Laser Therapy until I read an article about Dr. Schnee’s work. I had arthroscopic knee surgery on my left knee and was recommended by my physician that I might need surgery on my right knee. This was my main concern because I refused to have knee surgery again since my left knee was still hurting me even after the surgery.


            I am very pleased with Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program, and I thank God that I found Dr. Schnee. I am 110% better and still improving.


            Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program works if one doesn’t wish to have knee surgery. I am living proof and without a doubt I would recommend this to everyone. I can walk, sleep, stand and resume my normal everyday routine without any significant pain.


            Thank You Dr. Schnee, and God bless you.”


            ~ Kalani S., Paradise, Texas
            Meniscus Tear knee pain, Arthritis in the knee, Medial Collateral Ligament sprain/strain




            “The Pain in my Right Knee Was Pure Agony!”
            “The pain in my right knee was pure agony! Anything that required me to move my right knee hurt. I couldn’t walk, and sleeping was also painful. I tried pain medications and multiple injections in my knee but they didn’t work.


            I am now almost finished with my treatments (cold laser therapy along with the other therapies that they do to treat my knee) at the Atlas Medical Center, and I am very pleased [with the results because] I can [now]move and sleep without experiencing any knee pain.”


            ~ Geralyn E., 65 years young, Hurst Texas
            Bone on Bone Knee Pain, Severe Arthritis Knee Pain, Knee Pain from Meniscus Tears




            Patient Testimonial


            No Longer Needs A Cane to Get Around


            “I had severe knee pain with any weight bearing activity. I had a frequent sensation that the knee would “give way”. I was unable to walk without an assistive device or stand alone on the affected leg. I could not fully extend the knee. I tried over the counter NSAIDs, elastic knee bandages, and I ambulated with a cane.


            Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I am able to walk without knee pain, and I can stand on the affected leg. The natural contour of my knee has returned. 90% of my knee pain is gone. There is 75% of decrease in fluid around the knee joint. Knee extensions have improved.”


            ~ Billie D., Euless, Texas, 82 years young, Physical Therapist Retired
            Bakers Cyst, Meniscus Tear Knee Pain, Severe Arthritis in knee, Bone on Bone knee pain






            “[Prior to starting cold laser and therapy treatments with Dr. Alexandra Schnee] I suffered with severe knee pain in both legs. The knee pain was constant 0 to 10 the pain was a 10. I couldn’t walk, climb stairs or even sleep through the night. Even though the orthopedic surgeon recommended I get a knee replacement it was not done because of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) and a blood clotting condition. The MRI revealed I had bone on bone and the cartilage in my knee was minimal. I tried pain medications, and two knee injections but those didn’t work.


            Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I can walk better, sleep better, stand for a longer period of time without knee pain. My knees are more than 50% better than when I initially came in to do treatments. I am pleased with the results.”


            – Edward W., 77 years young, Fort Worth, Texas
            Bow-legged in both knees, Bone on Bone knee pain, severe arthritis knee pain




            Finally, Long Lasting Knee Pain Relief for Fort Worth Resident


            “The pain in my right knee was pretty bad, although I think I had gotten used to the pain and just was living with it. I couldn’t stand for long periods because of the pain. But also the longer I stood on it the less mobile and more stiff it became. I had arthroscopic knee surgery which only helped temporarily. The doctor removed bone spurs and fixed the meniscus tear. After the arthroscopic knee surgery the doctor said it looked very arthritic in the knee and that I would need a replacement sooner or later.


            I tried a lot of things before getting Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program. They all helped somewhat (things like SYNVISC injections, prednisone, Alleve, Physical therapy and hot laser/ high level laser therapy-which was more like heat and temporary in nature.) Nothing so far has provided me long lasting knee pain relief like the cold laser therapy treatments with Dr. Schnee.
            I am very pleased with the pain relief, and the great staff who are courteous and considerate. Dr. Schnee is very knowledgeable and has been helpful to me. I appreciate all the help and information. I would say my knee feels at least 50% better or improved. There is much less pain in the right knee and I walk easier. Standing is also a lot easier.”


            – Penny B., 62 years young, Mansfield, Fort Worth Texas
            Arthritis in the knee, bone on bone, meniscus tear, bow legged




            After Four Failed Knee Surgeries, Including an Osteotomy Patient Finally Gets Knee Pain Relief




            “The pain in both knees was very severe. The knees hurt all the time. I couldn’t exercise, clean house, play golf, walk or even sleep without experiencing knee pain. I took pain pills on a regular basis all day and still did not have much knee pain relief. I have tried many things including medications, shots, knee surgery, even a stimulus therapy called Bionicare system where you use electronic pulse sleeves that you wear thru the night. I had four knee surgeries on my right knee including an osteotomy. This is where they cut a wedge in the bone of the lower leg and then staple it back together to try and redistribute the weight so I wouldn’t have to have anymore arthroscopic knee surgeries. [It didn’t work.]


            I decided to try Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program because I did not want a total knee replacement and I’m so glad I did. I am very pleased with the results that I have received. I can sleep throughout the night. I was able to decorate for the holidays without pain especially going up and down stairs in the attic. [Also I don’t need to take any pain pills anymore.] The treatments were painless, and the therapists that took care of me daily were very professional and so much fun and enjoyable to visit with. My overall improvement is at about 90% better than when I stepped foot in the door of the office. I would recommend this facility and this therapy to anyone who has any type of knee pain.”


            – Paula C., 59 years young, Brownwood, Texas
            ‘Bone on Bone’ from multiple knee surgeries including an osteotomy, severe osteoarthritis, Baker’s Cyst




            “I Can Now Stand And Walk Without The Assistance Of A Walker!!”




            “My pain level was a 10 [in my knee]!! I was unable to walk without the assistance of a walker. I then only walked for the necessary activities of daily living. I was unable to sleep at night due to the pain. I could not sit for very long either. Initially, I went to an orthopedic surgeon for an x-ray and examination. He recommended a knee replacement. He also gave me a knee injection which did no good at all. I tried physical therapy which caused more pain.


            Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I can now stand, and walk without the assistance of a walker [because I have very little knee pain]. Although I still have limitations, I can take care of my daily living needs and attend some social activities. I now sleep soundly without medication, and I can now sit for longer periods of time. I am very pleased with the Cold Laser treatments that I received. I am experiencing approximately 80% mobility over my original condition. I expect this to improve with time as I continue the exercises provided to me by Dr. Schnee.”


            – Joann P., 80 years young, Fort Worth Texas
            Severe osteoarthritis knee pain, Bone on Bone, Baker’s Cyst




            Fort Worth Resident Is Able to Go Grocery Shopping For The First Time In 5 Months




            “Before starting cold laser treatments I had intense pain and soreness in my right knee and moderate pain in the left knee. At its worst I could I not walk or stand for short periods of time. Numerous activities like shopping or cooking were stopped almost completely. I tried [many different remedies that didn’t help me for instance pain medications prescribed and over the counter. I also tried creams and pain patches. Anti-inflammatories helped with the swelling somewhat. The orthopedic surgeon said I would eventually need surgery but he and I agreed that I would not be a good candidate for surgery because of past blood clots.


            Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program now I am able to walk through the house without using the cane. Also I can drive longer distances, and not be in so much pain when I get out of the car. I am pleased with my overall results. My knees feel 40-50% better [then they did before starting care]. Today I went grocery shopping for the first time in about 5 months.”


            – Faye B., Fort Worth Texas
            Both knees, Bone on Bone knee pain, knock-kneed, severe arthritis knee pain




            San Antonio Resident Now Able To Sleep Through The Night And No Longer Feels Constant Knee Pain




            “I was in constant pain [with my right knee]. I had used pain killers [and tried shots] to take the edge away, but was never out of pain. I could not walk long distances. I could not climb stairs. I could not sleep through the night. I have not had a knee replacement but the orthopedic doctor has told me that my only option is a knee replacement.


            Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I am walking better and I am sleeping through the night. I am not in constant pain. My knee feels 80% better than it did before the therapy.”


            – Roberta R., San Antonio, Texas
            Bone on Bone knee pain, torn meniscus, severe arthritis in the knee joint




            Swelling, Knee Pain is Gone for Fort Worth Resident




            “[Before starting Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program] the pain in my left knee was very severe. There was swelling and a popping noise when I walked. My walking was slow and painful. When my knee pain was at its worst the walking and standing was limited to short periods of time. Sitting and lying down was very uncomfortable to get in the right position. Before cold laser therapy I tried using a heating pad and I took Aleve two and three times a day and I stayed off of my feet as much as possible. I talked with my friends that were having the same problems and they had the replacement and surgery and I didn’t want to go that way so I decided I did not want surgery. [Even though the surgeon recommended that I have knee replacement surgery].


            Since completing Dr.Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I can sleep at night. I don’t use a pillow anymore [between my knee knees] and I can stand and walk without knee pain. There is very little popping, and the swelling [in my knee] is completely gone.


            I am very pleased with cold laser therapy treatments. [This is non-surgical so] There are no scars. My overall percentage [of improvement since starting care] would be 85-95%. I have told all of my friends and I recommend it very highly.”


            – Barbara D., Fort Worth, Texas
            Bone on Bone Knee Pain, Arthritis of the knee, Chondromalacia Patella




            Knee Pain from Baker’s Cyst, Bone on Bone Prevents Patient from Walking, Sleeping Comfortably




            “At times [the pain in my right knee] was extreme to the point I couldn’t walk. The knee would buckle and the pain was constant. I couldn’t walk, perform my household work, or perform my job [duties]). I tried shots in the knee, [wearing] a knee brace, over the counter medications, and heat on the affected area. The orthopedic surgeon said a knee replacement was quite possible if the Euflexxa shots did not give relief.


            Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I can do everyday chores and care for my handicapped husband as well as take care of my work obligations-I have no pain in my right knee so I can sleep at night. The knee pain and swelling is significantly reduced and with ice and Biofreeze I am able to do most everything I need to do.”


            – Donna B., Dallas Texas
            Knee Pain Sufferer, Bone on Bone Knee Pain, Arthritis, Baker’s Cyst




            ‘Bone on Bone’ Knee Pain is No Longer Keeping Her Up at Night, She No Longer Needs A Crutch, And She is Able to Avoid Knee Surgery




            “My knee pain was intense I will say it was about a 10 [on a pain scale of 0-10]. My knee was almost ‘bone on bone’, and I was told that I needed a total knee replacement. I couldn’t stand for a long time and I had to use a crutch to keep from falling. I also used to wake up in pain in the middle of the night [from knee pain].


            Since starting Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I can walk without a crutch, stand for a short while, and sleep thru the night without [experiencing] knee pain. I am pleased with the results. I now hardly have any pain in my knee. [And] I have little popping going on with my knee.”


            – Gladys W., 74 years young, Dallas Texas
            Osteoarthritis of the knee, ‘Bone on Bone’ knee pain




            Former Knee Pain Sufferer No Longer Skeptical about the Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy




            “My pain was totally unbearable! I was using my tool cart at work like it was a walker. The pain was so intense that I had trouble concentrating on anything. I couldn’t get out of my chair, had trouble getting out of bed and I couldn’t climb stairs or ladders. The pain kept me up most nights. I could barely walk, but I still had to go to work all in extreme pain!


            I took Celebrex and I had Supartz injections. They all worked at first but pain came back quicker each time between shots. My doctor told me that eventually I would need total knee replacements but at 58 years old I was not ready for that yet.


            Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I am sleeping through the night. My pain level has decreased considerably. I’m able to walk briskly without wobbling from side to side. Going up stairs and ladders is much easier. The swelling has gone down so much I can actually see my knees again!


            I am absolutely, without a doubt, pleased with the results from Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program!!! My mobility has increased at least 80%. My pain level has decreased by 90%. This treatment has made me a happier and a more pleasant person again! Thank You!!!”


            – Garry E., Bone on Bone Knee Pain, Arthritis in the Knees, Tendinitis, Baker’s Cyst




            Knee Replacement No Longer an Option Since ‘Bone on Bone’ Knee Pain is 90% Relieved!




            “I had constant throbbing pain in my right knee causing me to give in to it and I was putting constant pressure on my left knee and hip. I also had knee pain at night that would wake me and cause loss of sleep. I had to move around to find a comfortable place that would ease the pain in my knee. I couldn’t walk for any length of time or distance. Climbing up and down stairs was very painful. Standing in line for a short time would bring on pain. I was told by the orthopedic surgeon that I was ‘bone on bone’ and I needed knee surgery if the pain became too intense to bear. I tried taking medications, injections, six weeks of therapy and exercise but none of those things helped.
            I am very pleased with my results with Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program. The treatments have stopped the constant pain in my knee and it has been wonderful. I am happy with my experience with the cold laser treatments and the therapists. Dr. Schnee explained everything in terms that anyone could understand. My percentage of overall improvement is 90%!”


            – Martha C., 71 years young, Amarillo, Texas
            Bone on Bone Knee Pain, Severe Arthritis, Meniscus Tear




            Knee Pain from Medial Meniscus Tear, Arthritis is Gone!




            “I had a very swollen right knee and I had a pain level of 9. I limped severely and had to a take a steroid called prednisone. I could not walk without limping. Driving hurt my knee. I could not walk long distances, hula hoop, dance, or use my Wii for my leg exercises activities. I had an MRI of my knee [which showed arthritis in the knee and a medial meniscus tear]. I was told [by the orthopedic doctor] that I had to have arthroscopic knee surgery. I did not like that option. I researched online for an alternate procedure and found cold laser therapy. I did not waste any time getting cold laser therapy because I am a physical education teacher.


            I am thrilled with the overall experience and my results with Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program. I feel my overall improvement is 85%. I’m out of pain. I do not take any medicine. I do not limp anymore. I can bicycle and walk long distances [without experiencing any knee pain]. The swelling in my knee was reduced to less than 20%. Driving does not hurt my knee. I’m not tired from performing my job anymore. I’m happy with my results from [Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program]. I highly recommend cold laser therapy for anyone with pain, swelling or knee pain or limping. ”


            – Susan S., Physical Education Teacher, Arlington, Texas
            Diagnosed with Medial Meniscus tear, osteoarthritis of the knee, swelling in the knee




            Long Time Runner Can Now Jog Again After Knee Pain from Baker’s Cyst, Chondromalacia Patella Kept Her on the Sidelines




            “Before cold laser treatments my knee was stiff and swollen. My mobility was limited and some movements were painful. Standing for long periods of time and walking down stairs was painful. Before cold laser treatments I tried managing the pain with ice and anti-inflammatory medicine.
            Since completing cold laser treatments I can stand all day pain-free, walk down stairs pain free, and even jog relatively pain-free. I am very pleased with my overall experience and results. I would say that my overall percentage of improvement is 90%. From the very first treatment, I have felt improvement. My knee is not as swollen, so my overall mobility has increased and my pain level has decreased to pain-free. Now I can stand all day, walk down- stairs, and even jog relatively pain-free. I highly recommend cold laser treatments.”


            – Dee D., Physical Education Teacher, Volleyball Referee, Irving, Texas
            Arthritis, Chondromalacia Patella, Baker’s Cyst, ‘Runner’s Knee’




            Priest’s knee pain was so severe he couldn’t kneel to pray anymore…




            “The pain was moderate and consistent especially on the IT band (iliotibial band). I could not kneel [to pray]. I was told that I needed knee surgery [for a meniscus tear and chondromalacia patella but instead] I took pain pills, I had physical therapy, and one cortisone shot. [Nothing worked so I decided to try Dr. Schnee’s treatments.]


            Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I can now walk better, without much pain. I am very pleased with my results. The overall percentage of improvement is about 90%.”


            – Father Paul G., S.O.L.T., Harper, Texas
            Medial Meniscus Tear, Chondromalacia Patella, ‘Runner’s Knee’




            “I started Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program and after just the first treatment I could feel a difference.”




            “The pain in my right knee was excruciating. It felt raw and like it was bleeding on the inside. [I had to use a cane and wear knee braces to get around]. My left knee was showing signs of wear and tear from having to carry the added tasks to compensate for the pain I was having in my right knee. All activities felt like chores to perform. It got to the point that I was dreading getting out of bed, walking, even riding in a car for short or long distances. I was told by the orthopedic surgeon that I needed total knee replacements immediately. I did not want to have knee surgery [so he sent me to a physical therapist. The physical therapist felt that if he did exercises with me that my knees would get worse. So I told him about what I had read about cold laser therapy and Dr. Schnee and he told me to go for it.]


            I started Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program and after just the first treatment I could feel a difference. I was able to perform activities that required the use of my knees. [Now] It feels great to be able to do things like walking, yard work, etc. without being concerned about the pain in my knees. My overall improvement is a 360 degree difference. I can now stand longer, I can walk without pain. I can drive for lengthy distances! It’s easier to get in and out of the car and take out my lawn equipment. I have hardly any pain when I’m bending down to pick up objects. [I don’t even use a cane anymore to get around].


            I came into Dr. Schnee’s office worried about [the possibility of having to get] knee replacements, and injections. [I was also worried about the cold laser treatments and if they would work] but now I can truthfully say that the treatment s have dispelled all [skepticism]. I tell everybody about my results and I highly recommend them to have it done! [I’m so happy the physical therapist was honest with me and advised me to try cold laser therapy first!]”


            – Royce R., Henrietta Texas, Retired Military




            “Before Completing Treatments with Dr. Schnee my Knee Pain was Never-Ending…”




            “It became part of living. It was there when I was awake. It was there when I was trying to sleep. I would have to get up at all hours during the night and sit in my recliner in order to get some relief. I could not walk without pain. I walked like Grandpa McCoy on TV. I hobbled. I could not stand for more than a couple of minutes without pain. The pain hurt from my knees down through my calves. I did not want to admit that I was losing my ability to walk or stand. I gave in and got a blue (handicapped) placard for my car. I bought a walker with a seat so that I could sit when I wanted too. I rode the scooter when there was one available. I did not want these things, but they were necessary.


            I grew to accept the pain in my knees, until I could not stand it anymore. I went to an orthopedic doctor and he wanted me to take medication at first. The medicine had all kinds of side-effects. I bought it but I couldn’t bring myself to take it. It just seemed too dangerous. I went back after two weeks, and he talked me into taking it. I started trying it for a brief time but it gave me headaches. He then suggested shots or surgery. He said I was bone on bone and that I would end up having to have surgery. I went home got the computer out and found out about Dr. Schnee’s treatments. I called, came in and here I am… After completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Program I can stand for long periods of time. I do not use a walker. I do not use the blue placard. I am working on the hobbling, and I am sleeping so much better. I was in such a habit of getting up periodically throughout the night from knee pain that now I am having to train myself to sleep through the night again. It is just great. I can walk much faster. I am so thankful that God answered my prayers and led me to Dr. Schnee at the Atlas Medical Center. I am blessed. I am ecstatic with this experience. First of all I do not have to take medications. I don’t have to have shots. I don’t have to be cut on. Dr. Schnee’s program and the treatments are painless. The doctors, therapists and personnel are terrific. The treatments work. Actually, after just the first treatment I felt better. I know that this may not be the case for everyone but I could tell right off. My knees have shown improvement with every treatment. I am not 100% better, but I am close, and I am not anywhere close to the pain I was in before starting treatments. There was no downtime where I would have to be off work. I am so thankful that God blessed me with this route to healing.”


            – Carolyn T., 66 years young, Teacher, Barry, TX




            “Dr. Schnee was recommended by a most capable medical doctor with a well regarded medical practice in North Dallas…”


            “I would definitely recommend these treatments. Dr. Schnee, her office staff, medical assistants, office assistants, physical facilities and the practice are first rate and high quality. They always have on time operations, highest quality care with good results, and a pleasant association. Dr. Schnee was recommended by a most capable medical doctor with a well regarded medical practice in North Dallas. I have seen only a few medical facilities as capable as this one. I have recommended this practice to many.”


            – John B., 81 years young, Real Estate Developer, University Park, TX




            Medical Doctor Flies in from the Middle East for Treatments with Dr. Schnee




            “Dr. Maria A I work in the United Arab Emirates and I took a 24 hour plane flight to come to do this program in 2 parts because of time limitations. After the 3 rd treatment my pain was significantly less and I could walk without a limp. After 6 weeks I returned to complete the remainder of my treatments … the pain is a 2-3 out of 10. This program is painless, relaxing and it works!! I walk better, feel less pain and I no longer need any pain medications.”


            – Dr. Maria A., M.D., 50 years young, Medical Doctor and Chief of Pathology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates




            93 Years Young With Knee Pain from Severe Arthritis




            “The pain in my knee had gotten so severe that I could not stand up. It even woke me up at night. I couldn’t go up and down stairs or climb ladders. I was told that I needed injections, but I refused them 4 years ago. I didn’t want surgery because I’m too old. After starting Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program my knee started feeling better almost immediately. After completing treatments I can now walk and sleep without pain. I am very pleased with my overall experience and results!”


            – Howard F., 93 years young, Retired Professor, Dallas, TX




            61 Years Young Can Now Walk Without Knee Pain and is 90% Better


            “Before starting Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I could not walk long distances without having to sit down. The pain in my left knee hurt so bad that I did not want to go anywhere. I would sit and rub the area near the knee cap to get relief. I could not stand for more than 15 minutes, nor could I walk in any grocery store. Sleeping was impossible. I could not find a comfortable position. Standing and walking was out of the question. I did not climb stairs. If necessary, I would climb up one step at a time. I had to ride electric carts in the stores to do any shopping and walking in malls was completely out of the question. I could not enjoy going to the park with my great-grand-daughter. I tried all the creams that were supposed to stop the pain. I took pills claiming my knee would get better, but alas, nothing helped. I had a total knee replacement on the right knee in 2005. I was told by my surgeon that I would need knee surgery on the left knee within three to four years. Now that I’ve completed Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I can now walk without pain. I can actually go to the grocery store and walk around pushing the basket. Sleeping is much better. I can lie down and relax without knee pain. I am definitely pleased with the results and experience. I can now walk without pain. I am now 90% better!!!”


            – Donna D., 61 years young, Retired, North Richland Hills, TX




            Two doctors told her she needed bilateral knee replacements for ‘Bone on Bone’




            “I would tell anyone to try this Program. I was told by 2 doctors that I would need a complete knee replacement in both knees or I would have to start using a wheelchair. I could just not give into surgery to replace my knees. I knew there would be so much pain and suffering with surgery at my age. I just could not do that. Thanks to Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I don’t have too (get replacements). I wish I had heard about this treatment before my knees got so bad. This is so much better than having surgery. There is NO Pain whatsoever with these treatments. I’m very pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Schnee and your staff!!!”


            – Pauline P., 80 years young, Retired, Haltom City, TX




            Bilateral Knee Replacements were “useless”, and now His Medical Doctor Refers Others to Dr. Schnee




            “Before starting (this program) my knee pain was so severe I had regressed to a mobile power chair to get around. Constant pain was my unwelcome companion and I had nearly given up on ever walking again. I had bilateral knee replacements but it was useless. Semi-annual shots were a waste that lasted only a day or so before the stiffness and pain returned. My condition caused me to be immobile most of the time until my power wheelchair allowed me some mobility. I could go places and do things only seated in the chair.


            After completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program, I can walk again!! I enjoy my freedom to get wherever I want to go with virtually no pain!


            I would absolutely recommend treatments to other people suffering with knee pain! Even my Medical Doctor has found Dr. Schnee’s practice worthy of support. I feel that from an overall point of view Dr. Schnee and her practice is a God-Send!!”


            – Arthur H., 79 years young, Retired Professor, Dallas, TX




            Arthroscopic Surgery Failed, but Now She’s Pain-Free Since Completing Cold Laser Treatments




            “Before completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I experienced frequent knee pain it affected me day and night. I couldn’t climb stairs, sit or walk. I had arthroscopic surgery to smooth out my left knee. I tried Triple Flex, Tylenol, Naprosyn, heating pads, and ice packs for temporary relief. My exercise was very limited. I couldn’t stand or sit for too long. I used to go bike riding and I had to quit exercising at Curves.


            After completing treatments I feeling like my knee is getting closer to ‘normal’. My life is so much easier now since completing treatments. I have been pain-free for several weeks since starting treatments. I would absolutely recommend treatments to other people suffering with knee pain. All of her employee’s need a special star! I love Dr. Schnee’s concern for her patients. She listens to the patients. I feel like it was an answer to my prayers to find Dr. Schnee on the internet. I had been to my medical doctor for my knee pain and the problem was never treated.”


            – Sharon G., 57 years young, Secretary at Baylor, Watauga, TX




            Knee Felt “Weak” and Knee Would Give Way…




            “Before starting Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I had constant popping in my knees and periodic weakness as if my knee would give way. I experienced soreness during and after walking in the day. My medical doctor had no constructive therapeutic suggestions. I couldn’t walk well and car rides were painful. After completing treatments I can now walk, stand without assistance and take driving trips. I do not have any weakness. I’ve improved wonderfully! I would absolutely recommend treatments to other people suffering with knee pain. I’ve already suggested Dr. Schnee to some friends. I feel that the staff is great and the treatments are great.”


            – Jason K., 48 years young, Software Engineer, Flower Mound, TX








            “I had arthroscopic on my knee in June of 2008 for torn cartilage. The surgery left my knee ‘bone on bone’. I was in as much pain if not more than before having the surgery. I have a strong pain tolerance, yet many times my knee pain was unbearable. Daily functions on “good days” were a challenge. Walking, getting up, climbing steps, sleeping all had to be planned motions. Getting out of a car after a lengthy car ride would take me awhile to be able to walk. My day consisted of daily planning to change the position I was sitting, standing or walking in. The doctors (Orthopedic) attitude was that I was 60 and over-weight and that pain was a part of getting older. I paid for lots of “scams” desperate to maybe find something that would ease the pain other than drugs (even after surgery). I went to numerous doctors who wrote enough prescriptions for me to have a “pain-killer drugstore” in my house. Thousands of dollars were spent to put a “band-aid” over the pain instead of curing it or making it tolerable.


            Now I have almost completed Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program. It is too bad sometimes in life that we can’t rewrite the word “hind-sight”. IF I would have had “sighted the hind” I wouldn’t have had a doctor cut into me. I would have used surgery as the last resort instead of Dr. Schnee as my last resort. Now the swelling I’ve had for over a year is almost all gone. Exercising is now possible. Sleeping is better. Pain-free days are a reality. In general everything I do in the course of the day is easier. Overall I’d say I’ve improved 80% and am working towards 90-95% improvement. Dr. Schnee is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helped me understand what was going on in my knee.”


            – Janet M., Dallas TX




            Does Not Have to Take Pain Pills Anymore


            “Before completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I was experiencing pain and swelling daily in my knee. I tried pain pills and supplements that didn’t help. I couldn’t do certain exercises or sit/stand for long periods at work. After completing treatments I have no more pain and do not take pain pills anymore. I can sleep at night without pain. I can sit and stand for long periods of time now too.


            I have already recommended treatments to many people. I feel that Dr. Schnee is a God Send for me because she told me the real truth about my condition and I had to take action to save myself from a knee replacement. So many people need this help but a lot of us are not aware of it. Some people are aware of it and still will not take action.”


            – Gloria S., 46 Years Young, Postal Worker, Lewisville, TX




            Nurse Diagnosed With ‘Bone on Bone’, Severe Arthritis, Baker’s Cyst




            “Before doing treatments I was miserable. I couldn’t walk without pain (in my knees). If I pushed myself at all the pain got so bad I would get nauseated. I felt like I couldn’t bend my leg. The last couple of months I also had pain at night even when I had not walked too much. I couldn’t perform simple household chores and the very worst was that I couldn’t play with my granddaughter without terrible pain. I was told by an Orthopedic Specialist that I would need knee replacement surgery to get relief. Since I am a nurse- I had doubts that anything besides surgery would help me but I followed through with what Dr. Schnee’s assessment (and I’m glad I did). After completing treatments I am 90% better. I don’t plan to have surgery! I am thrilled. What a blessing!”


            – Kay S., 61 years young, Registered Nurse, Arlington, TX




            “My pain was crippling, excruciating, and would bring me to tears. Just simple walking hurt, but stairs were awful. EVERYTHING was hampered-exercises of any kind, going shopping, playing with the grandkids. Now I can move at my leisure. It’s great to just get through Sam’s Club and no longer have to decline every week. I am TOTALLY pleased! My right knee is 100% improved! The staff is great too.”


            – Jane B




            ” I was in so much pain, I was dragging my leg by the time I got home in the afternoon. I couldn’t climb stairs or enjoy my daily life. I had orthoscopic on both of my knees and a total knee replacement on my left knee. Surgery sure didn’t help. I had even more pain after the surgery. After coming here, I can now walk without pain and am finally able to enjoy my life! I would say that my percentage of improvement would be like 80%.”


            – Gloria H.




            “It was very painful to walk, go upstairs, and my knee was tender to the touch. I am now able to walk for any distance. 90% improvement and very pleased and I have already told my friends about this place!”


            Eve W.




            “I had a dull pain that was stiff and made it difficult to ride my bike and go hiking. I am pleased with my experience and at least 80% better.”


            – Clifford B.




            ” Before my therapy I had a lot of trouble getting out of bed and out of my car. My knee was very stiff and uncomfortable. I couldn’t just hop out of bed and my family had to wait about 5 minutes once I got out of the car to start walking. After the treatments, I can walk for longer time periods and walk greater distances. I tried Arthroscopic surgery and I was told that I would need a total replacement. Everyone is so friendly and personable. I am very pleased with my experience. I feel like I have more mobility and would say that I am 70% better so far. Do this and you won’t be disappointed! Thank you everyone!”


            – Patricia B.




            “On a scale of 1-10 I was a 7 or 8. I couldn’t sleep, walk, or stand after sitting without pain. My balance was bad and stairs were difficult. Now I can sleep very well at night, walk faster, and stairs are easier. I am pleased and estimate 60-70% improvement.”


            – Joyce M.




            “I am very pleased and have already recommended this to others. My improvement is at least 85% better and I no longer need surgery.”


            – Carolyn C.




            “I had trouble with stairs and couldn’t walk further than a block. I was told surgery was the only thing I could do. Now I can walk my dog with no trouble!”


            – Doris L.




            “The doctors had told me that I needed surgery and medications. After coming to the Atlas Medical Center, I can walk, stand, drive, and get up from sitting very well. My left knee is 95% better and my right is 85%.”


            – Paula M.




            “All the time I ached and I got sharp pain, if I twisted my leg at all. I had Arthroscopic surgery and it didn’t help. Now I can stand longer, go downstairs, and no sharp pain.”


            – Roger W.




            “Thank you so much for helping me walk again.”


            – Yvette P.




            “It was so severe that I could not sleep well. Both knees hurt all the time and was difficult to do anything that required me to stand. And now I am 80-90% better and can sleep!”


            – Joanne L.




            “I had arthroscopic surgery, but I was still in pain. After treatment I am pain free and about 90% better.”


            – Dorothy S.




            “My knee is better and I can stand longer and sleep at night.”


            – Gayle G.




            “I was told that I needed knee replacements and I had constant sharp pain. Now I am out of pain.”


            – Bernice M.




            “I am able to walk now and do house work for longer without crying in pain.”


            – Jan W.




            “Going up and down stairs is easier and I can dance again with no pain.”


            – Charles W.


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