Bone Marrow Cell Therapy in Dallas TX

A Promising Advancement as a Non-Surgical Alternative for Orthopedic and Sports Related Injuries

Restorative Therapy for Joints

Your body is made to heal itself, but sometimes the damage or injury is too severe, and it needs assistance. Restorative therapies such as bone marrow aspirate are therapies that use YOUR cells to help promote healing and repair; potentially allowing for long lasting, sometimes permanent relief.

Understanding Bone Marrow Cell Therapy:

Your bone marrow contains a large volume of powerful healing cells that have restorative properties. Bone marrow contains mesenchymal stem cells, blood cells, growth factors, and other beneficial cells that are believed to help facilitate the healing process.

Reparative cells are signaled over, when we sustain an injury or have ‘wear and tear’ on our joints. As we age or we have a chronic joint condition our body loses the ability to mobilize these cells effectively to heal our injuries. Bone marrow cell therapy is believed to solve this problem by taking a concentrated number of restorative and healing cells from your bone marrow (where they are primarily made and stored in your pelvis) and then relocating them via an injection precisely into the injured joint essentially initiating the healing process. This process is thought to supplement your body’s natural response to injury.

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About the Procedure:

Our knowledgeable and experienced medical providers, Dr. Jason Kouri, MD and Lisa Moore, ANP use a proprietary new device that allows them to capture blood cells, stem cells and other supporting cells from your bone marrow. These cells work together and are intended to help facilitate the healing process. All of these beneficial cells from your bone marrow are used – nothing is added, and nothing is removed. Centrifugation (a high-powered machine that spins) isn’t even necessary.

Your restorative cells are then injected precisely into your injured joint using ultrasound guidance.

Our medical providers at Atlas Medical Center were one of the first in the Metroplex trained to use this device to extract bone marrow aspirate.  While “older” devices used to perform this technique are considered painful, lengthy and some require general anesthesia. This new device is unlike any other and it allows the procedure to be less invasive –virtually PAINLESS, it requires no hospitalization, and no downtime. It is an outpatient, one hour procedure that allows patients a therapy with little to no impact on their lifestyle. Many patients return to work or normal activity immediately after the procedure.

In addition, this proprietary device has shown to yield comparable or greater numbers of restorative cells compared to other bone marrow methods available.

Safety is our number one priority…

Safety is our number one priority. This why we have chosen to use this newer device rather than using “older” devices to perform the procedure. It is much less invasive, no general anesthesia is necessary, requires no hospitalization, no stitches, no downtime and follows current regulatory guidelines (compliant with CFR 21 Part 1271. 15b). 

Bone marrow cell therapy is still very new and further controlled studies are needed to better understand optimal indications and techniques.  At Atlas Medical Center we are very serious about providing the best care and that is why we track our clinical outcomes using a patient registry. This allows us to continuously optimize our protocols.

In addition, this is an autologous procedure meaning that the cells being used are from your body. These are your own cells, performing the duties they were naturally created to execute. This procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive leaving a narrow margin for complications and adverse reactions. The procedure is performed by experienced Medical providers in a controlled environment in a same-day process. The unique device Atlas uses for this non-surgical procedure allows the bone marrow aspirate to come straight from your bone marrow (virtually painlessly) and get relocated into the injured joint right away.

Why Choose Atlas Medical Center?

  • All bone marrow aspirate injections are performed by our Medical Doctor who is Board Certified in Urgent Care and his Advanced Nurse Practitioner; each has over twenty years of clinical experience.
  • Our medical providers have performed over 1,000 restorative procedures (PRP and Bone marrow procedures)
  • All procedures and injections are under ultrasound guidance. This is done so that all injections are precise and are injected into the targeted area. There is never any guesswork.
  • Our bone marrow procedure is compliant with current CFR 21 Part 1271.5(b) guidelines.
  • Your own cells are used, so there is no chance for rejection.
  • The device we use makes the procedure virtually painless.
  • No hospitalization.
  • No downtime.
  • 1 Hour procedure.
  • We track our clinical outcomes using a patient registry. This allows us to continually optimize our protocols.
  • Our program always incorporates platelet rich plasma therapy and advanced cold laser therapy for added benefit and to promote your body’s natural healing response.

Is Bone Marrow Cell Therapy Right for You?

Bone marrow cell therapy is a promising option for those who want a non-surgical alternative to joint and spine surgeries. However, it is not for everyone. Patients with a history of leukemia, lymphoma or certain blood diseases may not be a candidate for care. During your initial consultation our medical providers will review your medical history and really listen to you discuss your symptoms. If it makes sense then they will move forward with a comprehensive examination, take any necessary x-rays or refer you for advanced imaging. This will allow you to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for bone marrow cell therapy.

  • If you are experiencing painful joints:
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Shoulder
  • Ankles / Foot
  • Hands / Wrist
  • Back

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