Amniotic Cell Therapy

What is Amniotic Cell Therapy?

Amniotic Cell Therapy is a non-surgical, non-steroidal regenerative procedure. Scientists have discovered that amniotic fluid/membrane from the placenta contains an abundance of regenerative cells that help mobilize stem cells, growth factors, and cytokines.  (Please do NOT confuse this therapy with embryonic cells. This is NOT embryonic tissue; therefore, there is no ethical or moral issue with this procedure.)


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Success Story…

Male patient, 90 years young: Knee X-Ray (on the left) shows cartilage loss and degeneration. Knee X-Ray (on the right) was taken 6 months after completing our JointRenew Program™.*

No claims are made or implied. Results vary. 

Atlas Medical Center - Amniotic Cell Therapy in Irving, TX - Irving Amniotic Therapy


Amniotic Cell Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief in Irving, Texas - Atlas Medical Center

After (6 months later)

What is in Amniotic Cell Therapy?


There are five essential properties found in Amniotic Cell Therapy:

  • Regenerative cells 
  • Hyaluronic Acid, carbohydrates and other enzymes necessary for joint lubrication and movement
  • There are a very high number of anti-inflammatory cytokines to help relieve pain and inflammation.  Cytokines are vital to the regenerative process because they help attract and mobilize the stem cells to the damaged area.
  • A high concentration of cellular growth factors essential for promoting tissue regeneration. There are an abundance of growth factors naturally found in amniotic tissue.
  • Extracellular Matrix along with other proteins provide a natural scaffold to help facilitate cellular migration and proliferation. There is an abundant source of collagen that provides an extracellular matrix to act as a natural scaffold for cellular attachment in the body. Collagen provides a structural tissue matrix that facilitates, among other things, cell migration and proliferation in living tissue.


How is it Obtained?


 The amniotic cells are obtained and collected from consenting mothers (in the United States) who have donated their placental tissue after delivering a live, healthy child by elective C-section birth. The donors have been thoroughly screened, and the tissue donation has been tested and screened for a full multitude of diseases per FDA guidelines; before and after the final product, and again before it gets sent out for use. Our procedures follow FDA Guidelines 21CFR Part 1271 and the American Association of Tissue Banks rules and guidelines. Please keep in mind, the placenta is normally discarded after a c-section. In addition, there is NO fetal or embryonic tissue in the cell therapy; therefore, there is no ethical or moral issue with this therapy.

Amniotic cell therapy is considered immune privileged. Meaning it has not shown any immune reaction or injection reaction when injected into the patient.   In addition, the FDA considers Amniotic Cell Therapy a biologic allograft and has very stringent standards and regulations.  Our tissue suppliers are in the United States of America, registered with the FDA and accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks. Our procedures follow FDA Guidelines 21CFR Part 1271 and the American Association of Tissue Banks rules and guidelines.

 For clarification, this type of cell therapy does not come from an embryo or fetal tissue. Amniotic Cell Therapy raises no ethical or moral questions. 



Why Choose Atlas Medical Center?


Our purpose at Atlas Medical Center is to get you out of pain, improve mobility, and avoid having unnecessary surgeries. Our unique JointRenew Program™ is exclusive to Atlas Medical Center. This advanced regenerative medical procedure uses a combination of two or more of the following: Regenerative Cell Therapy, Amniotic Cell Therapy, Umbilical Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, Advanced Non-invasive laser therapy and Physiotherapy to help optimize healing. Our clinical experience has shown that this combination can help accelerate healing; by allowing the greatest number of regenerative cells along with non-invasive technology to work together to help relieve pain.


In addition, all of our medical providers are Board Certified, trained, and highly skilled in stem cell and regenerative cell procedures; and all injections are performed with ultrasound or fluoroscopy (real time x-ray). (This eliminates all guesswork so that the regenerative cells are injected precisely where they need to be.) This allows for the greatest chance for success!
















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