Umbilical Cord Tissue Advanced Regenerative Therapy in Irving, TX

Umbilical Cord Tissue is a carrier for the most potent source of regenerative cells.

Why Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy?

Our bodies use stem cells to repair themselves; however, our own stem cells are often inhibited by injury, disease, metabolic dysfunction, and even certain medications. Cord tissue is a regenerative cell based therapy that can be used to replace or supplement patient’s own cells or tissues with cells or tissue products performing the same basic function. This is a safe and effective alternative for patients who prefer not to use their own cells, or are unable to use their own cells due to disease or other conditions affecting them.

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Success Story…

Male patient, 90 years young: Knee X-Ray (on the left) shows cartilage loss and degeneration. Knee X-Ray (on the right) was taken 6 months after completing our JointRenew Program™. Patient feels 100% better and no longer needs a total knee replacement.*

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After (6 months later)

Is Umbilical Cord Tissue Cell Therapy Safe and Compliant?

At time of C-section most birth tissue is medically discarded; however, for those who have consented to donate their birth tissue and have passed rigorous, comprehensive medical and social testing it is set aside and regenerative cells are isolated for use in cord tissue cell therapy. All birth tissue products are obtained from C-section deliveries from healthy, live, full term births. These donations are made with the permission of the parents and under careful ethical restrictions. The process is safe for all parties involved and poses no risk of pain or harm to the mother and child. Cord tissue donations are meticulously audited for healthy, high-quality regenerative cells to be used for Cord Tissue Cell Therapy.

Please note, the donors and tissues are obtained in accordance with standards established by the AATB (American Academy of Tissue Banks) and US FDA requirements.

These cells are considered immune-privileged and are unlikely to be rejected by your immune system and careful, sterile laboratory processes eliminate the potential for contamination or infection. Cord Tissue Cell Therapy resists against any production of antibodies or T-cell responses ensuring protection against any adverse reactions to the procedure.

How Does Umbilical Cord Therapy Work?

Regenerative therapies aid and supplement the natural healing mechanisms of the body. These cell based therapies employ the activation of stem cells to stimulate renewal of tissue damaged by injury or disease. Umbilical cord tissue cells have transmuting properties, meaning they can change and adapt to any cell in the body. These cells naturally react to injury in the body by repairing and replacing any damaged tissue. Regenerative cord tissue cells have advanced growth factors, and they secrete cytokines, inflammatory response regulating proteins, to manage the body’s response to injury. The regenerative cells in cord tissue are key components of the essential blood and immune system functions of your body, so their renewing potential offers superior treatment results when used in Umbilical Cord Tissue Cell Therapy.

Depending on your treatment needs, typically Umbilical Cord Tissue therapy is administered via a localized injection at the site of your affected area. The visit is a 15 minute procedure performed under ultrasound imaging. The application of Cord Tissue Cell Therapy will vary from patient to patient after your doctor has had time to assess your needs and decide on the most effective therapy to provide positive results.

Cord tissue regenerative cells are cryopreserved and are ready to use making the procedure a great alternative to those who are not good candidates for using their own stem cells or who have exhausted all traditional therapies.

Will I Get Results?

On average, many patients report improvement as soon as four to six weeks from the procedure; however, if the condition is more severe it may take longer to experience relief. There is no need for time off of work or for a lengthy recovery period like with invasive surgery, and many patients return to work on the same day of their procedure. Your doctor will work with you to get you back to your normal physical activity routine as soon as possible to make sure your body has the maximum opportunity for the full benefit of the treatment. As with any medical procedure each patients’ response will vary and some patients will need to repeat the procedure months or years later, so discussing options for your specific needs is key.

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