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What is SUPARTZ and Gelsyn?

If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and you are experiencing knee pain then you might be a good candidate for Gelsyn or Supartz knee injections.

In healthy joints, cartilage and synovial fluid provide the cushioning and lubrication your bones need to glide over each other properly.  This helps reduce friction, absorb the shock of movement and protect bones from constant impact.

With osteoarthritis, cartilage starts to break down and the amount of hyaluronic acid (HA) within the synovial fluid decreases, causing it to become thinner.  Gelsyn and Supartz are HA injections that help supplement the loss of joint fluid.

Safe and Effective

Gelsyn-3 and Supartz reduce joint pain and stiffness for up to 6 months, which can lead to an improved quality of life and may help delay total knee replacement surgery.

How is SUPARTZ and Gelsyn joint fluid therapy administered?

SUPARTZ and Gelsyn joint fluid therapy is administered by an injection directly into your knee joint once weekly for 5 weeks or 3 weeks respectively. After completing a full course of treatment many patients begin to experience pain relief at 4 weeks and continue to feel the benefits for up to 6 months post injections.

Is Gelsyn or Supartz Right for Me?

If you are not getting enough pain relief from oral medications, and physical therapy and have been diagnosed with OA then you may want to consider joint fluid therapy prior to surgery. The more proactive you are treating OA the better the outcomes.

It all starts with a phone call to our Irving, TX pain management office.

Real People…Real Results!

“Before starting this program, I was to where I could not take the pain in my left knee any longer. I could not walk very long or climb stairs without a lot of pain. Since completing treatments, my knee feels much better and does not hurt like it did before. I am now able to walk better and step down street curbs with much less pain.”

Paul S.

“My experience has been wonderful and I am able to get around better. I can actually bend my knees and no longer have swelling.”

Susan C.

“Extremely pleased with the result! Better than I expected! Great experience! All the girls doing the therapy were so sweet and did such a great job! The staff and doctors were extremely friendly and nice. I am going to miss my time here!”

Lois H.

“I feel as though I can do anything I want and not have pain. I am very pleased and am off pain meds. I am about 90% better.”

Richard L.

“When I would walk around my house I would have trouble getting up from a chair and getting out of bed. Now I can move easier and am 85% better.”

Joyce S.

“I had a constant ache in the knees when I was inactive and a sharp pain when I was walking, climbing stairs or even standing. I am now able do things that hurt before and it has been well worth it.”

Roger P.

“The therapists were so kind and gentle I would recommend this treatment to anyone in pain.”

Norma G.

“I have less pain now and can change position in bed without pain. I am pleased with the overall experience and am happy with the improvement. No more hobbling for me!”

Beverly S.

“My pain was very severe and I had to use crutches to get around before coming to the Atlas Medical Center. I can walk, stand, sleep, and I no longer use crutches. The staff is great and has been amazing!”

Rosealind W.

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