Regenerative Therapy for Shoulder Conditions 

An image of the shoulder joint anatomy

Do you suffer with any of the following shoulder conditions? 


  • Shoulder Injuries

  • Rotator Cuff Tears

  • Shoulder Degeneration and Arthritis

  • Bursitis


Regenerative Medicine For Shoulder Injuries

Sports activities that require repeated overhead movements like lifting weights, swimming, throwing or pitching, and swinging of the arms put a lot of strain on the shoulder. Even regular, everyday activities can damage the shoulder such as gardening, hanging curtains, or even scrubbing the floors or walls. Often, injury to the shoulder is difficult to heal, and can easily become a recurring problem, even if the immediate pain has subsided. Once ligaments and tissues have been damaged, scar tissue and inflammation can continue to form and build. It is also common for the same injury to reappear, and flare up at later times.

Shoulder injuries can now be helped with regenerative medicine. Depending on the type of injury, Atlas’ JointRenew Program™ uses one or more of the following therapies: bone marrow aspirate, perinatal allograft, platelet rich plasma, advanced laser therapy, and physiotherapy. Our program is no longer exclusive to the elite athlete. It is for anyone suffering from shoulder injuries and are looking for alternatives to prescription medications, steroid injections, and even surgery.

Regenerative Medicine For Rotator Cuff Tears

Your shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint in which the ball of your upper arm bone fits into the socket of your shoulder blade. The rotator cuff is a network of four muscles that come together as tendons forming a covering around the head of the upper arm bone keeping the arm bone firmly attached to the socket of the shoulder blade (scapula).

Rotator cuff tears usually develop gradually due to stress, overuse and natural wear and tear. People who repeatedly lift their arm overhead are more vulnerable to overuse tears. These include athletes such as tennis players, swimmers, weight lifters and baseball pitchers. Those with arthritis in their shoulders also have a higher propensity for rotator cuff tears. Unfortunately, rotator cuff tears produce a lot of pain and also contribute to instability in the shoulder joint. If it is severe, there may be weakness or an inability to lift the arm.

Atlas Medical Center’s JointRenew Program™ uses a combination of regenerative cell therapies to aid in the recovery of rotator cuff injuries. Bone marrow aspirate, platelet rich plasma therapy, perinatal allografts, physiotherapy, and advanced laser therapy can all be used to help relieve pain and enhance your body’s own natural healing abilities.  

Regenerative Medicine For Shoulder Degeneration

Degeneration of the shoulder joints is usually a progressive condition that evolves and worsens over time. Shoulder degeneration occurs when the cartilage that protects and surrounds the bones begins to wear down. Without this cushioning between the bones, movement causes friction within the joint. This friction causes pain, inflammation, swelling, and can lead to the development of bone spurs.

Our JointRenew Program™ is an advanced regenerative medical procedure that uses one or more of the following therapies: Bone Marrow Aspirate, Platelet Rich Plasma, Perinatal allografts, Advanced Non-Surgical Laser Therapy, and Physiotherapy. This combination allows the greatest number of regenerative cells and the latest technology to work for you-to help get you out of pain and enhance your body’s own natural healing abilities.

Regenerative Medicine for Shoulder Bursitis

The larger joints of the body contain small, fluid-filled sacs called bursae that provide cushioning between muscles, bones and tissues, allowing them to move smoothly without friction. Bursitis is the inflammation of one or more of these bursae, and often occurs within the shoulder joint, causing stiffness and making movement painful.

The most effective therapies for bursitis aim to reduce the inflammation that is causing the pain and stiffness. Atlas’ JointRenew Program™ uses a protocol that takes regenerative biologics, and places them directly in the area of inflammation and damage. These non-surgical procedures can help get you of pain, and enhance your body’s own natural healing abilities.

JointRenew Program™

Since 2001, we have been helping patients get relief from shoulder pain even after other conventional treatments such as medications, cortisone injections, physical therapy and surgery have failed. Atlas’ unique, JointRenew Program™ is customized depending on your age, health, diagnosis, and severity of your condition. The program can include one or more of the following procedures: Bone Marrow Aspirate, Perinatal Allograft, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Advanced Cold Laser Therapy, and Physiotherapy. The integration of therapies allows us to help enhance the body’s ability to heal, repair, and regenerate naturally.
Unlike ‘traditional’ therapies that simply just mask the pain and are temporary, regenerative medicine often has more sustainable results.
In addition, our Board Certified, skilled, and experienced Medical professionals perform all injections under ultrasound or Fluoroscopy guidance leaving you confident that the regenerative biologics are being injected into the TARGETED area— which allows for the greatest chance for success!
Our unique program takes the best components from all the current non-invasive therapy options and puts them into one.

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