Neuropathy Patient Testimonials

Hear for yourself what our patients have to say about Atlas Medical Center.



“My feet were numb, tips of my fingers were getting numb, and my balance was very poor. Now I have some feeling in my feet and my balance is better. I am very pleased, and I have already recommended this program to others!”

~ James O.




“After the program I have better balance and more strength in my feet. I’m pleased with my results and would recommend this to anyone.”


~ David L.




“I felt like my feet were on a block of rock and sand. Hindering my balance and I had to walk with my feet apart walking like a duck! After coming in for therapy, I can walk much better as well as stand for longer periods of time. I am very pleased with my results as well as all the personnel here. I would definitely recommend this program!”


~ Ann C.




“I had numbness and sharp pain when I stepped on something. Now, my feeling is better and the numbness is also better. During the tests it also showed great improvement. I am very pleased with my experience and the staff is excellent!”


~ Valton F.



“I had numbness in my feet, tingling and pain. I am able to sleep better – about 60% better since receiving treatments.”


~ Bobby S.



“I had stinging pain in both feet, especially the toes. The stinging has been reduced significantly. The overall improvement has been about 70%. With the PRP and the dietary changes this will also help eliminate future complications and worsening of my Neuropathy.”


~ Philip F.



patient-testimonial-david“I was diagnosed with neuropathy. I had numbness, tingling in both feet and I experienced a loss of balance (felt like the bottom of my feet were rounded). Since completing Neuropathy treatments (which consisted of Platelet Rich Plasma Injections along with dietary changes and other treatments) I have decreased leg cramps at night, I’m able to walk better and be on my feet longer. I am very pleased with this program and I am 60-70% improved.


I absolutely would recommend this program. Everyone we encountered has been kind and friendly. Their concern was obvious.”


~ David J.



“Before starting treatments at the Atlas Medical Center I had pain in my feet and knees. I can now walk, my balance has improved, and I can climb stairs easier. I am about 65-75% improved. I would definitely recommend this program to others.”


– James C.



lv“I had numbness in my lower legs and feet and it was tiresome to walk. I had occasional twinges in the nerves in my legs. I have Type II Diabetes and my toes were amputated. My blood glucose was out of control and so were my A1C levels.


Since completing treatments I can walk better and my legs and feet are not as numb. My blood sugar stays below 150 (before starting care I could never get it down below 200). I am pleased with my improvement. The PRP, therapy, and dietary changes have really made a difference.”


– L. V



ar“Prior to treatments I had constant burning in feet and stabbing pain. I am now sleeping better at night since I no longer have constant discomfort.”


– A.R



mp“I had trouble walking, standing, even getting up from a seated position because my legs/feet were numb. I now can definitely walk and stand longer because I now can FEEL MY LEGS AND FEET. I have lost 20 pounds since following the dietary recommendations. I have recommended these treatments to others who have neuropathy.”


– M.P




“I had poor balance prior to your program. My feet constantly hurt and I was unable to walk without a walker. I am able to walk now, stand, sleep better, and my balance is much improved. I now have feeling in my feet. I am very pleased with the progress to date. I am 85% better. Atlas Medical Center’ has one of the best kept secrets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We need more Medical Centers like Atlas I am most grateful.”


– Wesley H.



“My feet burned and the side of my legs were numb. I now have less burning, and the side of my legs feel more normal. I am 75% better. I also stuck to the nutritional program that your team gave me and I lost 15 pounds. I have diabetes so that weight loss makes a huge difference.”


– Larry E.



“I had severe numbness from the knees down to my feet and my balance was bad. I can now walk better, and there are times that I no longer need to use my cane. My numbness about one week into starting treatments was much less in the morning and night. Now I no longer have numbness in my legs. I am pleased with the treatments especially with my balance. I would say that I am at least 50% better and I expect it will continue to improve. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others.”


– Roger P.



“Before starting care my neuropathy was very painful. I am 75% better now. I can stand better, and I am walking better.”


– Steven R.



rd“I was in pain daily. I could not sleep well at night. I felt like needles were sticking me all the time. There were aches in my toes and under my feet. At the beginning of the program my pain was reduced from severe to moderate then mild (occasionally) to none. I can now walk much better, climb stairs, and my balance has improved. I now have 95% improvement, and I was told by my neurologist that there was no help [and my wife is a nurse]. Atlas Medical Center has changed everything. I would recommend Atlas Medical Center in a heartbeat. Great, great job! Thanks everyone! Love y’all.”


– R.D.



“I am very pleased with the treatment. I now have feeling in my legs, I have improved balance and I can now walk. Atlas Medical Center, thanks for helping me!”


– Clifford E.



“Before starting care at the Atlas Medical Center I had pain in my feet all of the time. I now can walk without pain 75% of the time. I’m in heaven…The staff is wonderful, and couldn’t have treated me any better.”


– Linda S.



“I had pain, swelling in both ankles and I walked very poorly. I am now at least 50% better than I was prior to starting care. I am very pleased with the results. I am standing better, walking better, and I can now climb stairs easier.”


– Doris P.



rams“My neuropathy was severe. It was very hard to walk, and sleep. It was a very severe pain condition. Now I am 90% pain-free and much better than before. I no longer have the burning pain in my feet, and I can walk and sleep without any problems; even 30 days after completing treatments. Thanks to all the staff!”


– Ram S.



“I had constant burning in my feet and legs and I was beginning to feel it more when I was walking. After completing treatments the feeling is all together gone. I am very pleased with the treatments I’ve had.”


– Billie C.



“I was numb to the touch. I had burning, pins/needles, swollen feet and ankles. I had no sensation at all from the calves down to the feet. My feet only felt secure when compressed, even if only by socks. Now after completing treatments the sensation of numbness is not as severe. I can tolerate bare feet longer. My balance is better. I can actually tell and know when my feet touch the deck when walking. I would venture to say that I am 75% better.”


– Bennie K.



“I started this program with pain in my low back and legs. I am now 100% better and I feel completely normal now.”


– Cristobal G.



“My feet were very tender and numb. I also had lower back pain. I am now much improved. I can stand and walk longer without tenderness in my feet. I no longer have back pain. I am pleased with the results. I am 50-75% improved. I would recommend the NeuroProRelief Program™.”


– Charles M.



rogelio“I am 100% satisfied. They have helped me a lot and now I can sleep without having pain, numbness and burning in my legs/feet. I have already recommended Atlas Medical Center to other people with Neuropathy.”


– Rogelio C.



“I was stiff and losing strength in my arms and hands and many activities were uncomfortable. I even had trouble sleeping. After my treatments I feel great! Fully functional with everything I have tried. I am very pleased and it has been life changing from where I started. Improvement rate at 95%.”


 – Steve B. 



“It was burning and I was beginning to feel it when I was walking. After a few treatments it quit. I am very pleased with the treatments I have had.”


– Belle C.



” I can walk normally without assistance. I can sleep without pain and can wear my dress shoes. I am very satisfied with the results. Overall percentage of improvement is about 99%.”


– Gloria W.



” I can now walk without pain! My other doctors just gave me pain medication and said I had to live with it. I am defiantly better than I was and I no longer need to take any medication for pain.”


– Brenda S.



“I couldn’t be happier with my results. The staff was so professional and courteous and I am going to miss them. I would say that I am 98% better.”


– John H.



“I had to take Advil’s daily and my dosage was going up all the time. After treatments here I don’t take any pain medication.”


– Bobbie M.



“I can dance again! I would absolutely recommend this program to others!”


– Gypsy I.



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