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Non-Surgical Regenerative Therapies for Joint Pain, Low Back Pain, Knee Pain, Arthritis, and Neuropathy Conditions in Dallas, TX. at our locations in Irving and Fort Worth

Our passion is helping those suffering with chronic joint, spine, knee, and neuropathy pain using non-surgical reparative, restorative, and healing therapies, such as stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), chiropractic care, cold laser therapy, and spinal decompression. Our integrated healthcare team is committed to a progressive non-surgical approach to healing. We provide care options beyond the long-term use of pharmaceutical painkillers or invasive surgical procedures. We offer a variety of non-invasive, conservative therapies for helping relieve pain and improving mobility. By leveraging state of the art technology and the body’s natural ability to repair itself, we help our patients live healthier, more active lives.

We have locations in Fort Worth, TX and Irving, TX.

We now have two locations: Fort Worth and Irving!

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Atlas Medical Center has merged with Beach Pain Center

We’ve added a new location in Fort Worth, TX! We have merged with Beach Pain Center, and Beach Pain Center will now be known as Atlas Medical Center. Please Contact us with any questions. Visit our Fort Worth Location page to get more information on our new location.

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Fort Worth: (817) 831-3388
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Give us a call:

Fort Worth: (817) 831-3388
Irving: 214-596-1051

Our Approach

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to healing and pain relief. Our integrated, multidisciplinary healthcare team allows us to develop thorough care plans that are designed to custom fit each patient. Every patient is unique and the treatment techniques that fit their needs, preferences, and lifestyles should be unique as well. We offer the best in integrated and regenerative therapies in two convenient locations in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. Our patients have a myriad of options available to them, as well as the support of our well-rounded medical team. The integration of both conventional treatments and alternative therapies are designed to help promote healing from within rather than just mask the painful symptoms.

The Atlas Medial Center team

The Atlas Medical Center Team
Since 2001, our healthcare team has been devoted to helping those suffering from joint, spine and neuropathy pain return to a more active lifestyle with non-surgical regenerative and restorative therapies. We serve patients in the Dallas, Texas area.

More About Regenerative Therapies

For several years now, the Medical Team at Atlas Medical Center has been using non-surgical regenerative therapies to encourage healing of orthopedic injuries.  At Atlas Medical Center our medical team uses two types of restorative therapies- PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and same-day bone marrow stem cell therapy.  Both therapies have the potential to harness the power of YOUR own cells to help promote healing, repair and restoration to an injured area.  In addition to regenerative therapy, our team uses conventional medical treatments, alternative therapies, and physiotherapy to help patients find long term solutions to joint, spine or neuropathy pain.

Educational Video: Stem Cell Therapy
Learn more about stem cell therapy with this educational whiteboard animation.
Video is for educational purposes only. No claims are made or implied.

Dr. Kouri and Atlas Medical Center want to thank the team for their hard work, dedication and contribution for the research that went into accomplishing such an achievement.

Our Services and Specialties

Stem cell therapy icon

Stem Cell Therapy

We provide regenerative stem cell therapy to repair damaged joints and tissues.
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) icon

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

PRP is a non-surgical therapy that promotes the body’s ability to repair injuries and relieve pain.
Neuropathy icon


We combine non-surgical therapies with nutritional protocols to help those suffering with peripheral neuropathy.
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) icon

Auto Accident Injury

Our multidisciplinary team evaluates and treats injuries resulting from car accidents.
Chiropractic Care icon

Chiropractic Care

Our team helps ensure proper alignment of the musculoskeletal system so that muscles, nerves, and blood vessels work in their best condition.
Spinal decompression icon

Spinal Decompression

We provide spinal decompression therapy for back pain and disc conditions.
Low back pain icon

Low Back Pain

We relieve back pain at the source by addressing the root causes.
Neck pain icon

Neck Pain

We treat neck pain using proven techniques that address the problem at its source.
Knee pain icon

Knee Pain

Our providers have extensive experience in relieving chronic knee pain.
Shoulder pain icon

Shoulder Pain

We provide care for shoulder pain and shoulder conditions.
Foot / Ankle Pain icon

Foot / Ankle Pain

We alleviate your foot and ankle pain by relieving the inflammation and pain in the joints, muscle, tendon, or ligament.
Other joint pain icon

Other Joint Pain

We provide care for hip, elbow, and hand / wrist pain and conditions.

Patient Success Stories

“You’re just happier with life. Nothing limits me anymore.”

“I feel 99.5% better. It’s been fantastic!”

“I found something to make an improvement that would last.”

Our Reviews

Atlas Medical Center in Dallas–Fort Worth Earns Award Three Years in a Row for Customer Satisfaction in the Category of Regenerative Medicine

The 2018 Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service
The 2019 Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service
The 2020 Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service
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