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Committed to helping you

Since 2001, our providers at Atlas Medical Center have been committed to helping those suffering from joint, spine and neuropathy pain with regenerative and restorative therapies even after conventional treatments such as medications, cortisone injections, physical therapy and surgery have failed. We offer a progressive, non-surgical approach to healing.


We do not believe in a one size fits all, or a cookie cutter approach to care. Atlas’ customized programs depend on your age, health, diagnosis, and severity of your condition. For joint, spine or neuropathy pain our program can include one or more of the following therapies:

The integration of therapies allows us to help enhance the body’s own healing ability to repair itself naturally. Our goal is to help relieve pain and inflammation to the injured area; and ultimately improve mobility and function.

Medical Providers

Our medical providers are well versed in joint and soft tissue injections and physiotherapy and have years of experience in helping relieve even some of the more difficult joint and soft tissue conditions. In addition, injections are performed under ultrasound guidance leaving you confident that they are being injected into the targeted area allowing for the greatest chance for success.

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patient with injection as neuropathy treatments in Fort Worth and Irving, TX
Sandra R., Patient

“Your staff is incredible and I felt a personal link with each one. I used to scream in pain before coming to the Atlas Medical Center.”

Linda S., Patient

“Before starting care at the Atlas Medical Center I had pain in my feet all of the time. I now can walk without pain 75% of the time. I’m in heaven…The staff is wonderful, and couldn’t have treated me any better.”

John H., Patient

“I couldn’t be happier with my results. The staff was so professional and courteous and I am going to miss them. I would say that I am 98% better.”

Valton F., Patient

“I had numbness and sharp pain when I stepped on something. Now, my feeling is better and the numbness is also better. During the tests it also showed great improvement. I am very pleased with my experience and the staff is excellent!”

Ramon S., Patient

“My neuropathy was severe. It was very hard to walk, and sleep. It was a very severe pain condition. Now I am 90% pain-free and much better than before. I no longer have the burning pain in my feet, and I can walk and sleep without any problems; even 30 days after completing treatments. Thanks to all the staff.”

Lauretta S., Patient

“Now it has been two weeks and at this point I do not have the severe pain I had before the procedure. Each day seems to get better. For the most part what I am happy about is there is not the pain I had before. I am looking forward to the days ahead...

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    At Atlas Medical Center, we are dedicated to helping you get out of pain so that you can return to a more active lifestyle again— without surgery.

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