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Auto Accident & Personal Injuries Treatment in Fort Worth and Irving, TX

Treatment for car accident injuries and personal injuries
It’s easy to underestimate the seriousness of an auto accident-related injury until it becomes a reality. As the leading treatment center in the Fort Worth area for auto accident injuries, we realize that individuals who have been in an accident are initially worried about the damage done to their vehicle. The stress of the situation can mask the extent of their injuries for days, weeks, or even months following an accident.

Our medical specialists are well-experienced in treating auto accident injuries as well as helping ensure that our patients have their treatment covered by the party responsible.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you’ve been through enough. Let Atlas Medical Center assist you on your road to recovery.

Auto Accident Injury Medical Clinic and Chiropractor

Even if you have already received treatment at the ER, you may still be at risk. Often, the true extent of the damage done to the body during an auto accident doesn’t manifest until days or weeks after the incident.

While we understand that an accident has introduced many new stressors to your life, taking care of your health is paramount.

Many times, accident victims forego medical treatment in order to seek legal help, but recovery goes hand in hand with receiving compensation. It’s important to have a thorough medical evaluation conducted by experienced professionals so that you have a documented history of the injuries you’ve sustained.

Treatment Options

Atlas Medical Center’s multidisciplinary team takes all the time needed to evaluate and treat injuries resulting from car accidents, and because we bill the at-fault party’s insurance company, we take the financial burden off your shoulders so that you can recover optimally.

We provide every service you need in our office:

  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Medical Treatment
  • Pain Management Services
  • In-house Procedure Room
  • In-house Recovery Room
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Center
  • DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression
  • Same-Day Appointments
A woman holding her neck in pain after a car accident

How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

Atlas Medical Center always bills the at-fault party’s insurance company, so when you receive care in our Fort Worth office, you can rest assured that you’ll pay no out-of-pocket expenses.

You’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about paying for adequate care. Auto accident injuries can be devastating and while you may have lost your car or ability to work, you will not lose your access to treatment.

How Long Will My Recovery Take?

Every auto accident-related injury is unique and as such, every patient has a different path to follow on the road to recovery. While recovery times may differ significantly from person to person, one thing is always true: the longer you postpone treatment, the longer recovery will take.

You’re welcome and encouraged to schedule a FREE consultation with us at your earliest availability. This way, we can evaluate your unique situation, develop a care plan, and provide an estimate regarding your recovery time.

What If I Need a Lawyer?

If you’re thinking about filing a claim with an attorney, it’s important to supplement your legal case with medical evidence. There is very little a personal injury lawyer can do without professional records documenting your injuries.

First and foremost, you’ll want to visit a medical professional to make a note of the damage done.

Atlas Medical Center’s team is experienced in all aspects of the medical and legal recovery process and we can not only connect you with the best attorney for your case, but we can provide detailed professional diagnostic reports and exceptional case management services.

Because we’ve assisted our patients throughout the litigation process countless times, we can ensure that proper documentation is provided in a timely manner so that your case can proceed without a hitch.

What if I Need a Lawyer?

Atlas Medical Center treats every patient as an individual, so depending on your healthcare needs, your options will vary. Following an accident, we’re dedicated to helping you with your physical recovery, insurance claims, legal representation, vehicle-related burdens, and much more.

Why Atlas Medical Center?

Medical evidence is a major part of receiving the compensation you deserve after being injured in an accident. When you trust Atlas Medical Center, you’re putting your care in the hands of professionals who have extensive experience in compiling and organizing detailed medical reports.

Our team will assess the nature and severity of your injuries, predict and monitor the long-term effects, modify care options to garner the best results, and assist you throughout the legal proceedings.

The Impairment Rating System

An impairment rating is a system used to determine the scale of injury the body has sustained during an accident. Not only does our team fully understand the impairment rating system, but we can also testify in court to explain the way the system applies to your precise injuries. We are caring, experienced professionals. Call us today!

With our combined approach of chiropractic treatment, traditional medical care, pain management, and rehabilitation services, Atlas Medical Center is confident in our ability to provide our patients with relief.

Do you need treatment for car accident injury or personal injury? Call us at 214-596-1051 or schedule a free consultation with our team.

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